Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mind Your Own Damn Business


If your life is as full and fulfilling as you would have us all to believe, then why in the name of Seven Hells do you go out of your way to police the actions of others? Where do you find the time to visit various blogs, or Facebook accounts or Etsy shops to make sure they are posting only things that belong to them?

The excuse you have given of I'm doing my *duty* to make sure the things I find online actually belong to the person using them and they haven't *stolen* it from another source is pathetic at best. "If I don't report them for plagiarism or copyright infringement they are getting away with stealing another person's work". OK, maybe so. But it isn't your job to sit in your ivory tower, scour through numerous items and then make another person's life miserable until they conform to your ideals of what is right and wrong.

And so what if someone has more than one Facebook account. It is not your responsibility to report them to Facebook and have their page shut down until it can be verified that is in actuality their account. Many people have more than one account for various reasons. Some don't want their real life to be broadcast because of their employment. Or maybe they don't want an ex to find them, or maybe they actually live two separate albeit innocent lives. An online identity can be as anonymous as the person creating it wants it to be.

Hold on! Before you get your panties in a bunch, yes, I realize there are various unsavory and criminal minds who prey on others by hiding behind an anonymous identity. I am not talking about that type of situation. I am talking about YOU knowing someone has more than one email, twitter, Facebook, blog, etsy, tumbler, etc AND getting pissed off at them for some reason and then taking it upon yourself to report them for whatever reason you feel is necessary. It's childish and shows your lack of maturity.

Is the fact that someone may be using another persons words or artwork hurting YOU? No, it isn't. Does someone having more than one social media account infringe on your ability to be online doing anything and everything you want to do? No, it does not. Unless you have been given a paid position with a law enforcement organization's cyber crimes unit YOU have no business patrolling the internet looking for alleged violations of any type. Your behavior makes you look desperate, desperate for acknowledgment in any form you can get it. And it doesn't give you validation, it makes you look pitiful, miserable and contemptible.