Saturday, September 6, 2014

Recharging, Rejuvenating, Re-energizing


For the longest time, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I got the best sense of peace and calm from the ocean. When I lived in Arizona it was an eight-hour drive from where I lived to the California beaches and I had no fear of driving myself if I couldn't get anyone to go with me. Every 6 weeks, like clockwork I'd throw some things in my little car, take my three days off and go to San Diego, Coronado Island or Santa Monica. Once I got there I'd find the least expensive lodgings I could and then spend every moment on the beach. I wasn't worried about getting a tan or fitting in, all I wanted, no NEEDED was to soak in as much of the energy from the sea as I could absorb.

Once we moved to Maryland, the distance was much shorter, we were only two hours away from Ocean City or Rehoboth Beach. This time I had company whenever I wanted to go. And go we did, at least once and sometimes twice a month. At first, I did the normal tourist things, walked the boardwalk, went shopping, ate amazing seafood, but then I was back in the same place. I NEEDED to be close to the water, sitting just on the edge of the surf, or wading up to my knees. Again, I felt so much peace and energy at the same time, it was amazing.

When we moved down here to North Carolina, it was a bit further from where we first lived in Raleigh and so the beach trips weren't as frequent. But each time we did go, I made sure to accept everything Manannan Mac Lir had to offer. Once we moved to Hope Mills we were once again much closer and the trips were more frequent. At least 5 or 6 times each season. We even went in October right after my Mother passed. It was cold and raining, but Jimmy knew this was the ONE place where I could find some peace in all the confusion I was going through.

This year we've only been once, I haven't even asked to go again. And although I still feel *unsettled*, it's not the sea I hear calling to me. This year, there is a demand in my soul for the mountains.

The mountains is a new energy for me, I have NO idea why I'm being called to them. And that call is strong, almost as strong as the pull of the sea when I've been away for a while. Once again it's going to be a challenge to heed that call, we are at minimum six hours away. With Jimmy's work and the number of miles he puts in each week, I can't plan for a trip. It's going to have to be impromptu, impulsive and involve little to no planning. And we are going to have to stay overnight at least one night. I'm almost positive driving for six hours and then trying to limit the absorption of energy to a window of time so we can drive six more hours home just won't appease whichever force is calling me.

I have many questions, but the one I can't seem to put aside is why? WHY? am I being called to the mountains? What do I need to learn? And will I be prepared and open to embracing the lesson when it comes?