Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some People ...

& Their Assumptions!

In September of 2002, Jimmy & I loaded up everything we could pack into a Hyundai Accent, left everything else behind in our condo and drove 2432.77 miles (yes, I used MapQuest just now) from Scottsdale, AZ to Millersville, MD. Why? Because we wanted a new life away from the vindictive ex spouses. I was divorced and Jimmy was separated from his. We never looked back. Why is it that every time Jimmy's ex gets herself into some situation or another I am the one who is supposed to clear things up for her?

Here's the deal, we've been together 13 years. No we aren't married, yes, I use his last name. Why? Because he has asked me to. Legally, I am still Vickie McNeely says so on my drivers license, social security number and every other form of identification that is *legal*. If you want to *assume* we are married, that's on you. Some states DO recognize us as being married by common law, but we don't have a marriage license nor has a judge or preacher had us repeat marriage vows.

What's my point? LOL!! I'm glad you asked. Some of you read my 4 chapter Epiphany a few months back. About the stupidity of some people wanting to rush their divorce proceedings that they couldn't wait for the certified return to sender card came back through the mail. That's right, Jimmy's ex filed for divorce on March 19, 2014 in Pinal County AZ. We received the certified mail, and not one but TWO process servers also brought out the same exact papers. Jimmy didn't respond and by default on July 18, 2014 Brenda Bidlack was granted a divorce in Pinal County AZ. We thought that was the end of things, filed the papers away in the filing cabinet along with other important papers (who knows when ya might need that sucker?) and didn't think about it again. We were happy to know that chapter had closed and there would be no more issues from AZ.

Yeah, about that. You see, I'm not positive, but I think it's possible that Brenda actually got married to her newest husband BEFORE she got divorced from Jimmy. It seems that (the information has been edited since the first time I saw it) on October 6, 2012 Brenda Lespreance married Bud Bidlack. OH! I just looked. The info has been edited and the name removed but the congratulations to Bud and Brenda and tagged by Brenda's daughter are still visible on his Facebook timeline.

Yesterday morning I decided I was going to take a break from Facebook for a while. I sent off private messages to a few people who I knew would be concerned if I was AWOL for any period of time. Some were able to reply before I logged off, but there were a couple that hadn't. Yesterday evening I get an alert on my phone letting me know I have a new FB message so I log in and read the very heartfelt and uplifting message a sister of my heart left for me. As I was getting ready to close out the tab, I happened to look up and see there was a message waiting in my *other* box. My privacy settings are set where anyone who sends me a message and isn't on my friends list goes to my other folder. I get a few from time to time and they are usually an invitation to a local event or something harmless.

When I clicked on the message I found the following:

Hi Vickie, I am a friend of Brenda Lesperance. I know Jimmy was just served with divorce papers from her, but we're all a bit confused. I mean no harm to anyone and we can both delete this conversation immediately upon it's conclusion, but weren't they already divorced? I am a woman of my word and swear this conversation will go no further than this box, I just need to know what county and state he divorced her in....

Strange questions this late in the game, I know. There is just a whole lot of speculation going on and it's making her look bad. We'd just like to clear the air. Thank you for your time and help in this matter Janet Lxxxx 520-350-xxxx

PS I am not a lawyer or in any way affiliated with this situation other than that I am Brenda's friend, trying to ease a situation for her.

(Now remember, the divorce papers were filled out and signed as Brenda Bidlack not Brenda Lesperance.)

After I read the message a couple times I had a big laugh and decided I wasn't going to reply and just leave it alone. Let them figure out their own mess. I'm tired of being the *go to* for the things Brenda fucks up. Then today, I get an alert letting me know I've got a new friend request. So much for staying away from FB for a few days, huh? I logged in to see who had sent the request and wouldn't ya know, it's Brenda's new friend Janet. Yeah, no... that ain't happening.

WTF is wrong with these people? I don't contact them, I don't even think about them until they do some stupid shit like this. And then they want me to fix their problems ... It's not my problem she's caused *speculation* and it's making her look bad. OH! And Ms. Janet's comment about *not a lawyer or in any way affiliated with this situation*? I Googled her and she's as deep into the Pinal County Sheriff's office as anyone can get without being a sworn deputy.