Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Speaking my own truth


On Monday I posted a status update on my profile over on Facebook regarding the nastiness I have been seeing from various members of the Pagan community and their action regarding many different subjects:

I've seen so much nastiness this morning from people who claim to be Witches who only want the good for their community. I was going to blog about it but have decided I'm not giving any more attention to these pitiful beings. So ... just no. And calling someone out by name on your news feed that you have blocked is cowardly and lower than pond scum... just sayin

It was not directed to anyone in particular. I had seen too many blog posts and other people's status updates regarding the latest scandal or outrage. My first instinct was to blog about the things I'd read over the weekend, but as the morning wore on and the viciousness multiplied I decided not to. That was my first  mistake. If I had written the blog post, there would have been no confusion as to what I was talking about nor would there have been any need to assume I was talking about someone who felt it was in their best interest to attack me ... on my own Time Line.

That seems to be a pattern lately. Someone writes a blog, posts a status update, sends a tweet or even a text message and someone else who has no idea what is actually going on, chimes in and either attacks or tries to defend. Mostly because we have become so reliant on technology and we no longer pay attention to what is really being said. I get it, it is very difficult to be absolutely sure of what someone is saying via text or media, because we are no longer speaking face to face and cannot see the inflection of the person doing the speaking. I have tried to remember to ask for clarification when I'm in a conversation that isn't taking place face to face. I want to make sure what is being said so I know how to respond.

I ask for details and try to not fly off the handle, sometimes I'm more successful than others, but I continue to try to make sure I have enough information to respond. And I speak my truth. It may not be what the next person knows as truth and I don't imagine it will make much of a difference to those who have already made up their minds and refuse to listen to something that is different than what they know to be the truth. I've stopped attacking someone for being different than me, I no longer pass judgement as quickly as I have been known to do and I try in every circumstance to speak my truth ... my truth, the information as I understand it. Formed from my own individual opinion and stopped following the crowd.

The best thing that has happened out of all this is the pattern I'm beginning to see come together. Those who were friends 2 or 3 years ago and have left for one reason or another have asked to be back in my life again. I'm hoping it is because they have seen the changes I've made in my life and realize I am no longer the petty, jealous, backstabbing, bullying bitch I was even just a year ago. Yes, I've made changes to my world and the positivity that is coming from those changes and the lessons I have learned are making me a better person and more importantly, a better Witch.

Yes, I will continue to speak my truth and if you don't understand what I'm talking about, just ask for clarification.