Friday, October 3, 2014

A Truckers Wife's Prayer



 ~Author Unknown~

His love is so deep, so honest and pure,

He gives and he gives of that I am sure.

He provides for us all our daily needs.

He is alone and his soul frequently bleeds

He gives up his rest, his time, and his love

He wants only to know we've been taken care of.

He deals with traffic, mix ups, and more

He delivers the things, you buy from the store.

He spends his time driving farther away,

He dreams of home and the day he can stay.

He sacrifices his freedom, his time and his health.

He never complains, he thinks not of himself.

He is out there doing what most could not do.

He makes us a living, and provides for you too.

He is more valuable than diamonds or pearls,

I am honored and blessed to be known as his Girl

He is my inspiration, my pride and my lover

And no one in life means more than my Trucker.