Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mercury Retrograde and not a Bitch in sight, LOL!


For the first time in I cannot remember how long, Mercury Retrograde has not had an adverse effect on me. I have taken the time to be silent, reflect and work on some projects I had begun. And while I cannot say it has been completely uneventful, I can say with confidence the emotional roller coaster I usually find myself on just hasn't been present during this cycle. I credit the amazing incense, tea, lavender baths, candles and wine I stocked up on before this cycle began, LOL!

Projects abound ...

Here at home, we have finally gotten around to painting the master bedroom and bath. I've had the paint sample for quite a while, but never found the *need* to begin the process. A couple weeks ago, Jimmy was home for 3 days which gave me the perfect opportunity to have his help. So off to Lowe's we go, get the paint and begin. So far we have only about a third of the entire room painted, there are a bunch of corners and small spaces that take a good deal of time to cover. And since we don't want to completely demolish the bedroom in order to paint, we are taking it slow, moving a piece here, painting, letting the paint dry and then moving the piece of furniture back into place. I gotta say, moving that huge king sized bed was a challenge ... I am looking forward to the end result.

I also think one of the things that has been a positive influence is the ability to work on some craft projects. I can keep my hands and mind busy and not obsess over the things I cannot change. Currently, there are 2 new altered BoS in progress. This morning I finished gluing the cardstock backgrounds and am now waiting for the glue to dry. Since I'm not a patient person, this will be challenging ... I want to see how they turned out and then begin working on the accent paper and embellishments. This BoS is different than the first one I did, and so far it seems to be flowing as I envisioned it. The colors in this one are dark ... perfect for Midnight Magic. Once the cardstock pages are completely dry, I'll add in recipes, rituals, spells and decorative touches.

There is a journal type altered book in the works, this one is more lavender and sage green. It's smaller probably the size of one of those composition books we all remember from HS, and it is a bit more froofy, with lace and flowers and girly things. This one has taken a back seat ... Midnight Magic wanted to be first. I'm letting the Muse decide which project to work on and it seems to help me maintain my sanity, LOL!

There are also 5 new hats that need to be adorned, but I haven't even begun working on those. I did start buying the things for the embellishments, some tulle, and netting, a feather here, a new length of ribbon, the materials to make a hat pin there ... a little at a time as the design comes in to focus.

And I still have a wand and staff to work with too.

All in all, I can honestly say, I am doing pretty good through this Mercury retrograde cycle. I think I may have found the secret to survival ...