Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thoughts on Thor's Day


The other day over on Facebook I was involved in a conversation with a very wise and wonderful woman. She makes me a better person just because I know her. There is such a light surrounding her, you'd never believe she is facing some of the most difficult challenges of her life. But face them she is ... doing so with style, class, determination and the ability to share her light with those in her circle.

She posted a status update that really touched me deep down in my soul:

"As children of a Creative Loving Spirit, we’re here to love and encourage each other. Judgment is not up to us. Be ready to forgive even BEFORE the transgression is enacted. Life is too short to stop loving each other!" ~ Cindy Rhodes

With everything that is going on in today's world, wouldn't it be better for us as humans and maybe even more so as Witches to stop and think about what we are doing before we open our mouths? Our community has such a bad reputation as it is and if just one or two would change their actions from negative to positive, I believe this would be beginning to a landslide of change.

Yes, we are always going to have those who feel it is their right and duty to constantly back-stab, bad mouth and belittle someone on any given day. But to strive to be a better person let alone Pagan would be a huge step in setting the nastiness aside so our community could become a better place to be.  You don't have to seek out people or blogs or businesses or even someone's Facebook page and then ridicule them for what you have seen there.

When did it become acceptable for someone to publicly call someone else out for a perceived transgression? My Momma always told me no matter the situation you do not air your dirty laundry in public. This has gotten to be the normal behavior and I find it embarrassing for me the one who sees the nastiness and I can only guess the one being openly flogged probably wants to crawl under a rock. It may be acceptable in your group of friends, but to any passers by it makes you look very small.

So for me at least, I'm going to be doing my absolute best to live as Cindy is. I don't want those in my life to be unhappy and ill humored. I want to be the positive force and have the responsibility of forgiving before the transgression has been enacted. I know my life will be a better place. And I hope those I interact with will begin the cycle of change as well.


  1. Indeed, Vickie. Life is to short and too precious to be wasted suffering nonsense. Let's dance with those who enjoy holding our hands, and whose touch makes us happy and stronger... The rest, well, I'm sure we all need to time to figure things out in our own way. ?

  2. <3I hope to see the light shine and spread

  3. Hugs dearest Magaly! And than you for your words of encouragement. <3

  4. It is Kelly! It is!!! <3