Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tale of the Lost Daughter


A few weeks ago I was invited to join a group of women I knew nothing about. The only stipulation for joining was I would need to read and give an honest review of a new book that was set for release the first week of December. I agreed. Once I received my advance copy, it took a few days to find the quiet time I felt I needed to devote to the book in order to fully absorb the written words. The day I picked up this book was one of the most life-altering days of my life.

Very rarely do I find a work of fiction that draws me into the core of the story line, into the hearts of the characters. Even rarer is the emotional cleansing I found in Tale of the Lost Daughter. I cried more in the first three chapters than I ever remember crying while reading any other book. This book opened so much for me, gave me clarity and touched me deep in my soul, and after reading it, I have been challenged to become a better person, a better partner, sister, friend and Witch.

The characters in this book come alive and leap out of the pages, and then draw you back into the world they have created among the written words. Sarah, the main character is like many of us in today’s world, she’s a corporate hot shot who knows her business but doesn't take time for herself. We go along with her on her journey of spiritual adventure where she searches for her lost feminine soul, and not only discovers the Pagan world of magic and ritual, but also the Dark Goddess.

There is so much beauty mixed with the pain of growth and challenge within the pages of Tales of the Lost Daughter. And you can easily take the lessons Sarah learns and implement them into your own personal daily life. In my opinion, this book could not have come at a more opportune time. So many negative things have been happening in our world and the story of Sarah and the Dark Goddess not only gives us hope but also direction. This book is perfect for anyone who may be feeling lost, or confused. It will lift you up, open your heart and eyes and show you joy. Yes, I highly recommend Tale of the Lost Daughter and cannot wait for the rest of the series.