Friday, February 13, 2015

Feisty Fridays ~ The one TRUE Path??



Really? Is there REALLY one TRUE path to Deity? Or is it much like everything else in life, the path to Deity is customized to the one who is walking it? Hmmm, I believe ALL ROADS LEAD TO DEITY. And as a believer in this, it is not my position or responsibility to criticize or ridicule someone who isn't walking in the same manner I may be.

For instance, many people may choose to walk a Christian path, and find themselves attending a different church than their next door neighbor. Which neighbor is right? Which one is wrong? They both go to church, they both read their Bible and live their life to the best of their ability in keeping with the things they are learning while attending their respective churches. Neither one is wrong, each person's spirituality is as individual as the person following that chosen path. However, it is also true within most organized religions, each group will swear theirs is the only way and condemn anyone who doesn't walk that same road.

This also happens in the Pagan community where we are supposed to be more accepting, more tolerant and more open-minded. I know it's been going on since the beginning, just like it does in most other types of spirituality. Unfortunately, it seems to be gaining momentum, everyone and their brother or sister is jumping on that bandwagon. You gotta follow this PATH, don't read that BOOK, go to this CIRCLE, don't shop at that STORE, don't listen to that PERSON, make sure you only search for LIGHT & LOVE ... it is so out of hand that a new person looking for answers often gets discouraged before they even begin.

When someone new comes to you asking for your help, as a teacher or leader or even as an elder in the community, it is your responsibility to guide them to the best of your ability. It is not for you to judge how they came to be where they are now. Some people are so touched by the words of a song and that's where they begin looking. Others read a book, whether it be academic or fiction and feel like there is more to the life they are currently living, and this is where they begin their search for answers. It does not matter WHERE they find their calling. And for anyone to assume those that are doing the searching are stupid enough to believe something they have read without doing further research, just shows how inconsiderate that person who wants to be known as a spiritual leader or teacher may really be.

The next time you think to judge someone, take a few steps back and ask yourself these questions: Where was I when I heard the call? What was I doing, reading, listening to? Who did I ask for guidance? And how did that person respond to my questions?

There is no need for ridicule, no need for judgment and no need to look down your nose at someone just because they didn't find their enlightenment the same as you and aren't walking the same path you are. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.