Monday, March 30, 2015

I Don't Even Know What to Call This ...


When I sat down to write this afternoon, I had a completely different subject in mind. But as the way things often go, the more I sat and tried to write, the less the Muse would cooperate. I walked away from the keyboard more than just once or twice, worked on one of the hats for the shop and sorted some beads into the new organizer I had purchased a few days ago. Each time I came back here and started typing again, I completely lost track of what I was trying to say. So I give ... I have no idea where this post came from or even where it's going. If it seems jumbled and without much purpose, I apologize in advance. These words are what came from that part of my brain that refuses to remain silent.

Last week the Governor of Indiana signed a bill into law that will give any business the protection under the law of the state of Indiana the right to refuse service to anyone they feel is living against their "sincere religious belief". And while Gov. Pence is trying now to backpedal and explain away his actions by trying to make everyone believe we've got it all wrong, the backlash the state of Indiana is beginning to feel is astounding. Many businesses have called off their conventions in Indiana, the mayors of San Francisco and Seattle have already called for a boycott and have refused business travel to Indiana.

Angie's List has called off a multimillion-dollar expansion to it's Indiana office. This means about 1,000 people won't be hired and the unemployment continues to rise. One of the largest gaming conventions has also begun considering its options for locations to move their $50 million revenue generating gathering.

But Indiana is not alone. There are 19 other states that also have one form or another of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Why is Indiana being *singled out* in this protest and boycott? Where is the outrage over the other 19 states that have a law making it legal to discriminate? In 2014, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer did the only productive thing she's ever done (in my opinion. Remember I lived in AZ most of my life and only moved away 12 years ago), she used her power as Gov. to veto SB 1062 which was about as close to this Indiana law as one could be. There was another time when AZ  wasn't as smart as Jan Brewer was, in 1990 they lost the bid to hold a Superbowl game in that state, because they refused to honor Martin Luther King Jr. day. That resulted in a loss of revenue totaling about $100 million.

So, now here in 2015, Gov. Pence has decided his beliefs outweigh the best interest of his state and the people he was elected to govern. He has opened the door and set the stage to throw any economic growth Indiana may have been expecting this year and many years to come right in the toilet. Without even a second of hesitation.