Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stones in the Middle of Jordan


I am reblogging this post from my friend Miller here on The Feisty Witch because it needs to go as far and wide as we can get it. This is important. Please click on the link and continue reading  ...



This is what we have done. My faith, Christianity, says that women are second class. My “programming” says that they are there to keep the home…and by extension, be mothers first and women second. Western Culture is finally breaking out of the Puritan view that women are sexually depraved and morally weak. We allow ourselves, men, to believe that we are “owed” whatever we want from women because they are incapable of doing anything without a man. We are taught, from an early age, that some things are “women’s work”. We have created a stereotype that makes them only menials.


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