Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of the year 'Friends list' purge???


Over the past few days, my newsfeed on Facebook has been filled with people posting how they have already begun cleaning out their friends list for the end of the year purge and making room for more people who have the same belief system they do. I’m not doing that … for a couple reasons.

First, I don’t get the point of advertising when I remove someone or a group of someone’s from my friends list. Removing someone from the friends list is not an act of Congress, I don’t need a majority vote nor do I need your approval. And all the “gee, I hope I make the cut” pleas aren’t going to change anything IF I’ve already determined you don’t contribute to my circle. There is always a reason for me to remove someone from my friends list, begging isn’t going to change my mind and it just makes you look childish to do so.

Next, why would anyone want only those people who think, act, talk, and believe the exact same way to be the ones they keep around? OH!! I know, if you think like me I don’t have to engage my brain and debate your side of the argument with you. We are all the same sheeple and therefore, we get along just fine. This is not surrounding yourself with positive energy. This is keeping you in your self-made rut. You will never grow; you will become stagnant and then rot.

So, you go on ahead and tighten your circle of friends, keep only those that either agree with you or won’t object to the things you say and do. As for me, I’m gonna fling my doors open wide, welcome every circumstance I encounter and GROW from those experiences. I’ll continue to misbehave without apology, I’ll continue to question everything and I’ll continue to expand my consciousness as any open minded Witch should be doing.

And that “carrying my friend’s excess baggage” crap? That’s a cop out. You ALWAYS hold your friends in EVERY circumstance no matter what it is. That’s what REAL friends do.

I’m glad I found out who I can count on and who falls into the category of those fair weather or good times’ friends.