Friday, February 12, 2016

Feisty Fridays ~ What the FUCK are you Thinking??


A few days ago, I was involved in a conversation with a few people on Facebook and during this conversation, one person in particular let it be known they are a huge Bernie Sanders supporter. I was pleased to hear that because he's the person I'm supporting as well. But then I got a shock so big I had no reply at the time and just left the conversation in the middle of the thread. I haven't gone back to that thread, I'm afraid of what I'll see.

From the various FB conversations we both have been involved in I got the impression this same person is supposed to be very well educated with at least one or two college degrees. Works with the public and is what I thought, pretty life savvy. I do not know them personally, have never met them or talked to them other than through status update threads. So imagine my surprise and then horror when they said, "if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the Democratic nomination for President, I'm going to write in his name on my ballot".

I thought I had misread that and went back and read it again, FOUR more times, all the while shaking my head and saying Nooooo! This cannot be true. But it is, and I couldn't find a suitable response to the crazy I had just read. I wanted brain bleach, I wanted to take my eyes out and wash them in hot water. I could not fathom why anyone would feel this way.

Yes, I understand this is a free country, I understand each of us has the promise and right to vote in any manner we choose. What I do not understand how someone, ANYONE would claim to be a registered Democrat and scream against everything the Republicans stand for. This person claims to fight for equality for marriage, women's pay and oh so many other issues that we stand to lose IF Trump or Cruz or Gods help us, Bush or any Republican is elected and then say "if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the Democratic nomination for President, I'm going to write in his name on my ballot"???

How can you not understand IF you are registered to vote as a Democrat, campaign for your chosen democratic candidate who is fighting EVERYTHING you are also against, that by wirting in your candidates name on the ballot IF they don't get the nomination you are SPLITTING the party?? Your measly write in vote will go unnoticed and the damn Republicans are going to win!?!? How can you be so fucking STUPID?? I don't get it.

Yes, I'm supporting Bernie Sanders, but let me be perfectly clear. Even though I do NOT agree with many of the things Hillary Clinton is saying or stands for, I WILL be voting for her IF she is the Democratic candidate. There is NO way I want a Republican president in that oval office. I'm tired of wars, I'm tired of the fear of Christian Sharia law being imposed on us, I'm tired of the teaparty, I'm frightened to death of a more conservative Supreme Court justice than the ones we have now and I'm damn sure tired of Ted Cruz telling me he is going to show me the face of God.

Write in MY candidates name on the ballot?? OH HELL NO!