Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thoughts on a Thursday ~ Random Shit Running Through My Mind


I won't guarantee this post will keep you enthralled or even slightly entertained, it is simply a few of the things running around in my mind that sometimes keep me awake at night. I've found they are easier to manage once I've written them down somewhere and you guys are the lucky (unfortunate) ones to witness the most recent bout of the "Vickiecrazies" ...

Over on Facebook, there seems to be a constant cycle of change in the way the technical gurus do things. It seems they are playing with the algorithms on a regular (daily/hourly) basis which causes the things we've taken for granted as normal to become jumbled, misplaced or completely removed with no rhyme or reason. For instance ...

I can no longer cross post from here to my personal FB page. I don't know when this began nor do I have any reason or guess as to why it is happening. I CAN and do cross post to the FB page associated with, I can also cross post to twitter, tumblr and G+ with no problems. I've unlinked and deleted and added again and followed directions of every tutorial I've been able to find, with no success. HA! I see you scratching your head wondering why this is even an issue when there are so many other things to be cranky about. Like I said, this is some of the random shit that can cause me to wake up grumpy cause I couldn't sleep with all of it running around.

Not only can I no longer cross post from here to my personal page, I'm also having trouble seeing the "pages feed". Ya know, that list over on the left side of the newsfeed that shows your pages and groups and randomness ... At any given time throughout the day, I'll look over there and the notification says I have 20+ new posts from the pages I follow. I click on that and it does take me to the page feed, but only shows about a dozen pages and then it goes blank. This is also a bit annoying especially when I get a notice one of my images or links have been shared, but can't find that particular page in the "pages feed" to comment on their share. Yes, I know, not important in the grand scheme of things, but still important to me. If there was a different social media website that's as workable as Facebook was/is/I hope it becomes again AND I could convince ALL the people on my friends list as well as the pages I follow to jump the Book of Faces ship and swim to a greater, more friendly place. I WOULD leave in a minute.

However, my "news feed" seems to be populated with more and more post from those pages I follow. At one time FB had taken it upon themselves to separate the pages from the regular newsfeed so as to keep it more streamlined and less cluttered. I LIKED that change they made, it kept everything in one place. Yes, I know I can set up "lists" and then funnel what I want to see into it's coordinating list. Do you know me?? I'm lazy and don't want to take the time to do that, so I bitch about the changes being made and have no thought as to how I can make a change.