Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday's Whimsy ~ Hope


Among all the negative and nasty, I have found peace in my very small garden space that is bursting to life once again. There are only a few plants that survived the winter, but those are giving me such hope.

The hydrangea is full of new life, the clematis is beginning the climb back up the trellis even though I would have sworn from all the brown stems it hadn't survived. She gives me hope every year. The Columbine is waking up and the honeysuckle is taking over the railing on the front deck.

The wisteria is my pride. I didn’t think she would survive after the transplanting from the container on the deck to the spot in the yard. She is centered perfectly in the crescent where the pool was and which will become the patio. Jimmy is going to add a trellis for her to climb on, we can add on to that each spring as long as we live here.

We lost the herbs, even though I brought them in and tried to keep them alive, so I’ll be replacing them a few at a time. Yes, I have hope, even though I know it's centric to my life and my tiny corner of the world, it is hope ...