Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Yes, that is a thing over on Facebook. It MUST be used when you want to bitch and complain about something but not give out too many details and for the love of the Gods, do NOT ever call someone out by name. If you do, the post will be removed, your profile or page will be reported for violating Facebook's TOS and you will be suspended (in facebook jail) from posting, messaging, commenting and liking for their predetermined period of time.

I know this for a fact. I am guilty of being angry at someone and posting a scathing status update laying out just exactly how upset I am about them and what they have done to piss me off. Yes, I called them out by name and even named their page in that mini-rant. As a result, they reported the post, Facebook removed it and then sent me a message letting me know my Facebook privileges had been suspended for 24 hours AND gave me a link to the exact section of their TOS I had violated. They wanted to make sure I knew what I did wrong so I'd never do it again, LOL! I gotta tell ya, I learned my lesson. When I could once more post things to my timeline and in my righteous anger, I created a 'list' of those peoples I knew I could trust, who aren't petty and won't report someone for trivial shit, named that list "Confidants" and went about my continued assault on she who shall remain nameless, LOL!

After a while, the entire thing got old, I lost the need for retaliation and just let everything kinda fizzle out. Changed my focus to more positive endeavors and moved on. So, why am I writing a blog about it now? Simple ...

There is a HUGE issue making the rounds over on Facebook that involves some controversial peoples within the Pagan community and their stance on Transgender Pagans. No, I'm not going to address that. There are enough people doing so and I'm not giving it any additional energy. I will say, I FULLY support those who are rallying against those behind this issue. But, Vickie, you STILL haven't told us why you are now writing about this. *sigh*

There have been quite a few people who have posted either a status update or an "open letter" regarding the goings on of the primary characters who are spouting their very loud and malicious opinions, and those status updates have been removed by Facebook for TOS violation. One person, in particular, was outraged that their post had been removed for TOS violation but couldn't understand why the lies one of the people they were speaking against were permitted to stand and were not considered a TOS violation. The explanation is really very simple, the post that was removed, the one that you wrote and called 2 people out by name over and over and over and over all the while exclaiming how wrong they were for the things they were saying blatantly violated Facebook's TOS that says you cannot post negative crap about another FB user and call them out by name.

You did that, your post was reported and it was removed. Be glad it was the first violation, you didn't lose your posting ability. You were able to continue with your campaign against the nastiness of others (BTW, again I state I COMPLETELY agree with you and I'm on your side on this), and FB didn't lock you out of your profile ... this time.