Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's in YOUR Purse?


This past Monday, Leeanna from Can We Have A New Witch, Ours Melted posted a challenge on her blog. There were quite a few various reasons why her readers couldn't participate and I have to admit I am right there with them. I have an excuse, and it may or may not be a valid one. Monday was just crazy in my house and I wasn't online much at all. So, I missed her post and the challenge.

On Tuesday, I was finally able to catch up to the things I missed while offline and found her post and the challenge therein. Out of all the people who follow and read her blog, only one other person took up the challenge. I felt bad that I had missed it, you never know when Leeanna is going to write something important so I honestly try to check in on her each day. I mean, really! She's just full of piss & vinegar and I LOVE her!!

So, without further ado, Leanna, I ACCEPT your challenge! Here is the content of my purse:

What's in YOUR Purse

In the top left is my LG Tablet, I take that sucker EVERYWHERE I go. Seriously! I can't even begin to recall the number of times I've used it to search for a product while out shopping or pull up the website of one of the craft stores I go to so I can use the coupons on the website in addition to the ones that come in my email. Did you know Joanne Fabrics will let you use the coupons they send to you AND the ones on the website in the same transaction? I have saved big bucks doing that. Last time I was there I used the 60% off one item and the 40% off one item AND the 20% off the entire purchase that were in my email and THEN the cashier also told me to go to the actual website and used the same coupons that were posted there. My total transaction should have been $40 plus, but after ALL the coupons, it was $18 and change!!!

And that tablet keeps me entertained while I'm in the waiting room at the doctors or having my truck serviced. Yeah, it's a MUST have in my bag every time I leave the house!!

On the tablet are a couple of receipts I wanted to keep in case I needed to return or exchange something. The items in question worked out great, so they have since been added to the waste basket, LOL! There is also probably $2.00 in change that had been just tossed into my purse and settled on the bottom and after this picture was taken, it's now resting comfortably in the proper place in my wallet.

There is also the lip balm from Autumn. I LOVE that stuff and really need to order more... I just keep forgetting. Age I tell ya, sometimes it's a challenge.

Next up is the Mentos gum and Ibuprophen, that cute little blue thing with the butterflies is my hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works, the scent is something tropical for the summer and the butterflies actually light up if you push on them just right.

Next row is a notebook for writing things down, I tell you the memory isn't as sharp as it once was. I've always got a notebook of some sort in my purse, sometimes more than one. Depends on where I started a list or jotted down something I wanted to remember to look for while I'm out. Of course, there is a color-coordinated pen too. C'mon, guys! It's me ...ya know OCD Vickie?? LOL!!

On top of the notebook is a couple menus to our favorite Chinese place for takeout. And on top of the menus is my glasses case, it pretty much remains empty except for the cleaning cloth I keep inside so I know where it is at all times.

WetOnes. Remember, I travel with a little one! And WetOnes are a necessity!! And next to the WetOnes is a ziplock with candy ... for the same little one.

Then there is my wallet which is about to be replaced. The inside is all torn and ripped, I've lost things that were important to the sacrifice of the wallet Gods. On top of the wallet are a few of my business cards, ya never know when you need to let someone know how to contact you and cards are more convenient than trying to find something to write your name and number on.

I ALWAYS carry one or more Tarot decks. Currently, it's the Medicine Card deck. IDK why I carry one, it's just something I've always done and when I don't have at least one deck with me at all times I feel scattered and jumbled.

Finally, my lip gloss and lipstick. The only thing missing from the picture is my phone cause I was using it to take the picture, LOL!

There ya have it, What's in YOUR Purse?