Wednesday, January 4, 2017

44 Days of Witch


In keeping with my desire to write a bit each day, I began digging through some of my files for subject matter that I hadn't written about previously. I found this little gem and even though I have no idea where it came from or who thought it up, I'm going to use the basics and write a little about what being Witch means to me.

This was designed as a writing challenge or as a daily writing prompt. Let's see if I can manage to keep up with this one. Seems I usually fall behind for one reason or another. Beginning tomorrow, Thursday I will commit to write at least TWO paragraphs daily (except for Saturday and Sunday) for each of the prompts listed below. Wanna join me? Feel free! Please let me know where you are so I can read you too!

What’s your Witchy background?

What is your favorite myth or story from folklore?

Witchy tools: athame.

Picture of nature (water element).

A favorite Goddess.

A favorite God.

Picture of nature (air element).

A photo of a magical place outdoors.

A favorite mythological animal.

Your sun sign.

Witchy tools: oils.

What are some of the Witchy books that influenced you?

A favorite Pagan Sabbat that you celebrate.

Thoughts on the afterlife?

Favorite Witchy website(s).

Picture of nature (fire element).

Have you had any paranormal experiences?

Fire element.

A picture of a tarot or oracle card, and its meaning.

A favorite scent.

Current moon phase.

A favorite candle.

Your moon sign.

How do your close ones feel about your Witchy path? Do they know? Why or why not?

A Witchy podcast.

Picture of nature (earth element).

A picture of a Witchy I-Want-It-Now!

Water element.

Witchy tools: wand.

As Above, So Below

A favorite Pagan/Witchy movie.

A Pagan/Witchy artwork.

Faerie of your choice.

Rune of your choice.

Something that I think people who don’t know much about Paganism/Witchcraft should know.

Flower of your choice, and it's magical properties.

A famous Pagan/Witch!

Witchy tools: cauldron.

Something that inspires you.

Your altar, if you have one!

A spell you’ve done.

A favorite nature spirit.

A magical recipe.

Witch’s choice!