Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Witchy Background


Hmmm ... I didn't know for sure I even "had" a Witchy background until I turned 45, divorced husband #4 and moved all the way across the country away from everything I had ever known. I grew up in a very Christian home where it was the norm for me to attend church services at a minimum, 3 times a week. Those were the actual service where the minister would get up in the pulpit, read the scripture and then tell us all what God wanted us to know. If you add in the choir practice (two of them on different nights), the youth group and a week-long "revival" a couple of times a year, you could say I spent more time in church or church activities than I did doing any other thing.

Now, having said all that, I did know I had some different abilities than the rest of my family. For instance, I know things. I mean, I would know something was going to happen before it actually took place. Not all the time, but more times than I can remember I'd just know. It was never preplanned, I couldn't just call it up on a whim, but if something relevant was coming I had advance warning. And each time I ignored those warnings or signs in my personal life, I paid a steep price for it. I mean, geeze, I could have not been beaten and abused by husband #1 IF I'd just listened and paid attention.

Then there are the dreams. If I have the same dream 3 nights in a row, the actions in that dream come true ... always. The first time I connected the dreams to an actual happening, I was in high school. It's pretty frightening to find out one of your classmates had killed themselves just exactly like you saw it happen in a dream. For the longest time, if I had a dream two nights in a row and something negative or bad happened, I made myself stay awake all night so I could break the cycle. That kind of thing is tough on a 14-year-old who has no one to talk to about or no explanation for what was happening.

Once I fully embraced my Witch, the memories of some of the things my paternal great-grandmother and great-aunt did and how spending time with them made me feel safe and like I was home, let me know that there were others in our family before my generation. And even though they didn't live openly as Witch they had their power and ways of taking care of things. You see, they were two widowed elderly ladies who never remarried but lived and worked the family farm in Indiana. I didn't understand how they lived alone, just the two of them, didn't have anyone take care of the animals or the large garden the put in each Spring and then harvested each fall, nor did I understand why they didn't drive or even have a car. It was a ways to the small town where the market and church was. Yes, they both were members of the Methodist church, that's just what you did back then, especially if you are an elderly, lone female with no close male relatives.

So, Witchy background. Yes, it's been there, hidden under everything I flung off and away after I moved to Maryland and became my own person. Now, I fully embrace it, revel in it and find joy in every aspect of my life of magic. And there are at least 4 more in my direct descendants ....