Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hi, My Name is Vickie ...

... and I'm OCD.

Not the standard definition of the disorder, but a modified one where I have to put everything in its specific place and makes me crazy if things are cluttered. As such moving this time was a bigger challenge than I anticipated. I let Tanya have control of the packing up and moving of the household. The only things that were immediately put in its correct place were the beds in 3 of the 4 bedrooms (BDRM 4 is currently being used for storage). All the boxes were placed in the living room and dining room and then the plan was for the contents to be unpacked and put away a little at a time.

We've been here almost 6 weeks most of the boxes have been unpacked or moved into that 4th bedroom and I still have things out of place (for me at least they are), there aren't any built-in bookshelves here and I'm too picky to purchase some "just to make do". Every day I find something I need to move or change and I suspect this will continue for a while longer.

I've changed some of the things in the master bath, just little things, like adding a shelf under the sinks in the bottom of the vanity to hold more. The old house had two vanities in the master so there has been quite a bit of rearranging and tossing things that seemed to find their way to the back of those cabinets and weren't being used. So, now there are two functional spaces for the baskets holding bars of soap, cleaning supplies, etc.

The master bedroom is mostly good. I have things where I want them and am very satisfied with not only how it looks, but also the functionality of each item I've placed. In the old house, I had put the loveseat along one of the walls as a necessity, there just wasn't room for it in the living room, and I decided to keep it in the master here in the new place. Some mornings I bring my coffee in here and Calliope and I snuggle there while we wake up enough to greet the day. I've been finding myself retreating there at different time throughout the day when the chaos of things feels like it's taking over my world. It's a perfect sanctuary ... at least for me.

Yesterday, Jimmy unloaded everything from the big truck he's been driving and living in for the past year, most of that came into the bedroom so I can put away the clean clothes and sort the dirty clothes to do laundry. There are also bags and a couple of small boxes that have paperwork, paper plates, plastic cutlery, food ... pictures of the grands, all of which I will find a place to put them now that he's home for good. It's strange opening the master closet and seeing more than 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts hanging there on his side. Strange but good...OH SO GOOD to know he's home full time now.

The kitchen is another story. I cannot live in/deal with clutter of any type! And since the kitchen is most often the central gathering place in a home, I am obsessed with keeping it clutter free. Sometimes I manage that, other times not so much. I'm learning to accept the dishes being washed and the table being mostly free from things just piled on it as a win for my version of OCD.

Even when I'm working at the crafting table on whatever project is in production, I can't have my tools and supplies flung far and wide. Everything has to be in its place where it can be easily found. At the end of the day, when I'm finished working on any project and I need to go do something else, I have to clean up my table, put everything away and make sure I can find things the next time.

Yes, my name is Vickie ... and I am by my definition OCD.