Monday, July 3, 2017

30 Days of Truth ~ Day 2

Something I Love About Myself.

When I decided I was going to do this challenge again, I said I'd try to find the entries from 2011 when I did it the first time. I found some of them, not all 30 days. I wanted to see if my feelings, thoughts, decisions, actions had changed at all.

30 Days of Truth~Something I Love About Myself (Original post-July 16, 2011)

Hmmmm, this one caused me to stop and do some heavy soul searching. The thing that kept coming back goes pretty much hand in hand with what I wrote for day 1. It's the polar opposite of what I hate about myself, so it stands to reason, it "should" be what I love about myself.

I'm extremely compassionate. I have a huge heart and would do anything I possibly can for any of my family and friends. Little things make me cry, Jimmy holding me when he knows I'm having a difficult moment, (there have been QUITE a few of those moments recently), my Furbabies giving me morning cuddles, getting an IM, text or FB message from one of my granddaughters, seeing Ravyn grow and change on an almost daily basis...big cheesy grin here, LOL!

Being the optimistic one in *most* any given situation...looking for the best possible outcome in what others consider their most awful circumstances. Knowing that I can help someone feel better just because I put the thought and feeling into words...

Loving everyone other than myself just a little bit more...

Current Post

This one has changed a bit since the original post. I've had to make some big changes in my life and with those changes came growth. Since the original entry, there have been many changes in our household. A new grandchild, adult children, and their children have moved home, employment has changed and we have moved TWICE! I'm still compassionate, but that isn't the main thing I love about myself now.

Now, I am the matriarch of my side of the family. I'm responsible for the well-being of my children and their children. Even though some of those children and grands don't live close by, I still constantly think about each of them throughout the day, none of them are ever far from my thoughts. I can't always help out or do or even fix the problems as they come up, but I continually send love and energy to them no matter where they are.

I love me ... I am a Crone, wife, mother grandmother, sister, and friend. I am loyal and relentless in the protection of those who are important to me. I love the person I have grown into, the dreams I have for the future and the life I have. It's MY life and I know it's not the one that others might see for themselves and they also probably question how I can be this happy. That's OK. Because this is me and mine and I wouldn't trade any of it for any other life in this world.

I love the Me I've become and the Me I'll continue to grow with. Yes, life is amazing and I'm more than happy in the life I have chosen.