Thursday, July 13, 2017

30 Days of Truth~Day 12

Something You Never Get Compliments On

When I decided I was going to do this challenge again, I said I'd try to find the entries from 2011 when I did it the first time. I found some of them, not all 30 days. I wanted to see if my feelings, thoughts, decisions, actions had changed at all.

30 Days of Truth ~ Day 12 ~ Something You Never Get Compliments On (Original-post-July 26, 2011)

Evidently, this one just doesn't apply to me... either I don't get compliments on something and I've never paid attention to the non-compliments, OR ...

I just don't know how to answer this one. I mean, should I be upset that I don't get complimented on something, even though I don't know what I've been missing? Or do I just let the non-compliments roll off my back? Hmmmm, I think I'm gonna go with the latter.

Yep, not getting complimented on something is a non-issue for me, I just don't worry about it, I don't feel I'm missing anything, so ppfffftttt!

Current Post

This one hasn't changed AT ALL ... So, I'm just going to leave this one as it was in 2011. Sorry .... no changes, or maybe that's a good thing, LOL!!