Monday, July 17, 2017

30 Days of Truth~Day 16

Something or Someone You Could Definitely Live Without

When I decided I was going to do this challenge again, I said I'd try to find the entries from 2011 when I did it the first time. I found some of them, not all 30 days. I wanted to see if my feelings, thoughts, decisions, actions had changed at all.

30 Days of Truth ~ Day 16~ Something or Someone You Could Definitely Live Without (original post-July 30, 2011)

I could definitely live without people who have a "holier than thou" attitude and are determined that their religious beliefs are the ONLY way to believe.

You know, those people who for one reason or another have their noses buried in dogma and law that they can't find the peace and love of their chosen religion. A perfect example is a group behind the DC40...this group actually frightens me. For some reason, the fully believe that the US is a Christian country and any other religion or faith needs to be abolished. And they aren't just sitting quietly behind their prayers, they have begun calling themselves warriors...

SO...the one thing I can definitely live without is close minded people...

Current Post

Oh, GODs! This one has expanded and grown, there is NO WAY I can write about the many "things" or "ones" I can live without. I will give you a couple but I don't want to bore you nor do I want to give unnecessary attention to people or things that already thrive off of attention. Let's be vague, shall we? LOL!

Currently, there is an abundance of these types of peoples in the "Pagan" community. You know, when I left organized religion, I had hoped I would be less concerned with this type of behavior. Unfortunately, I have come to realize, holier than thou is rampant in EVERY walk of life. There are those in each community who feel their way is the only way and if you can't or won't live up to their standards, they have no problem letting you and everyone else know what a failure they think you are. Some have gone so far as to set up a petition to remove others from their community. Seriously? Yes, I am serious. Kinda like they want to excommunicate someone for believing differently. *sigh ... at any rate, it's pretty laughable watching these people climb up on their pedestal and then shout how righteous they are while condemning someone else. And it's even funnier when they come tumbling down because they have been shown to be just as flawed as the ones they keep screaming about.

And, there is also an increasing number of people who are showing a great deal of lack of respect for the elders in their *community*. These people are elders for a fucking reason! They have done their time carrying crap on their backs and making steps towards progress for those who follow after. NO! I do not consider myself one of these elders, I'm not that experienced, I'm still learning and growing. And the saddest thing of all, at least to me, are the ones who are of the same generational age that are bitching about so and so not being as accepting as they are so they MUST be wrong, condemned publically and then try to turn the rest of us against someone.

Let me make something perfectly clear here. I DO NOT give a fuck how loudly you scream from your soapbox about someone not living according to your definition of Witch or Pagan or whatever path is followed. IMO, that is the quickest way to lose respect and your credibility, period. AND, if you think you are above ridicule for doing the things you are taking part in you need to check yourself. Your ignorance is showing and once that happens, it takes a fucking miracle to find credence ever again.