Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Back to Me ...

I have been blogging on one platform or another since 2008. During that time I've made lots of changes in the way I write and the audience I try to attract. And through it all, I keep telling you and myself I write for me and don't care about the numbers. Today, I faced the fact that I've not been true to myself with the changes I've made.

Yes, I wanted to be self-hosted because I got very tired of the way Blogger treated the people who used their platform, so I went to iPage and initially took the name of the first blog with me. Then as I grew and I felt I had made changes in my personal and magical life (or so I thought) I changed the name. Still kept it on iPage and self-hosted, but then also made changes to the way I wrote and the things I wrote about. Subconsciously, I wanted to increase the reader numbers even though I kept telling myself I didn't care about those numbers. Sometime earlier this year I canceled my iPage account and came to WordPress with a limited self-host platform. The things I've been writing about here on Wordpress are where I tried to accommodate other people and not upset anyone or step on toes. And in doing that, I lost the drive to write. I still write in my journals on a daily basis, but when I was writing Aoibheal's Lair, I wrote there every day too.

So, while I don't think I'm going to bring back the actual Aoibheal's Lair, I AM going to bring back that writing style. I'm going to be writing from the heart about things I enjoy doing or things that have pissed me off or even political things. And please, don't try to tell me that because I'm a Witch I have no business in politics. If you feel that way, please stay over there in your own corner and just keep your head buried in the sand. Witch is my spiritual and life path, I'm still human, I'm still an American citizen, I still care about and research the things that are going on in the US.  I'll be writing about things that inspire me, and make me want to scream out loud and make me cry and frighten me. I'm writing about life, my life and the things going on in the world that affect me whether directly or indirectly. If you can agree with the things you read, great. If you can't feel free to unfollow and unlike the FB page. Honestly, I will be OK with you leaving, you won't hurt my feelings.