Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's Been A Long Ass Week

Today is only Thursday and I'm already done. Jimmy is back to work on a "regular" type job, he's driving a dump truck locally and leaves the house each morning at 5:30. After him being gone over the road for 5 years, it's been challenging to find a normal routine for us to get back to. When he came off the road in May, he went to work for Sanderson Farms driving nights. There was nothing in my world that was normal about that.

We couldn't find the niche for daily routines, for spending time with the Little Witch or having any type of family time. Family is very important to us and we try to have at least an afternoon each weekend set aside for dinner or something with all of us together. The laundry began to pile up, the house didn't get cleaned and the yard began to look like a jungle even though he did his best to keep it mowed at least every other week. Yes, today I seem to be full of complaints. Not really, I am just trying to describe the things going on in our world for the past few months ...

So, here we are, day 4 of the new "normal" job and it has been a first week of crazy challenges. Let's just say I'm looking forward to the weekend and hoping to have some down time to reboot and relax, especially for Jimmy. The truck he's driving is old, has no AC and it's been rather hot and humid here in the Sand Hills this past week. Thank the Gods for ice, Gatorade, and water, he packs a cooler full each morning. By the time he gets home he's worn out from the heat and the bouncing of the truck and even though he wants to spend time with us it's usually shower, dinner and then what he calls his defrag time. He scans Facebook and then plays Overwatch. I'm OK with all of that, whatever he needs to unwind enough to sleep ... for 5 years he parked in noisy truck stops and survived on 5 hours (or less) each night if I can get him 6 hours I'm doing my job (the goal is 7 or 8 hours ...eventually).

Me? I'm OK. I'm dreaming of a day I can do absolutely nothing, but that seems impossible ATM. I'm the fixer, the control freak, the one with OCD, I am the one that cooks and does the laundry, yes, I CAN admit it ... I have a very difficult time letting go and letting someone else do things in my house. Especially my kitchen, LOL! However, I can see a day coming soon where I will have to let go, my body is rebelling and I've pushed it beyond its limit. I can feel the muscle aches deepen, I can feel the deep down pain barely letting up after a hot bath. The stiffness is becoming more apparent, you can see it when I stand up after sitting even just 15 minutes or so.  And with no insurance currently, doctor visits are not something I can afford to indulge in. Ah well, better days are coming. It just takes patience.

Oh yeah! The Little Witch has a new name for me ... she calls me "the Village Crazy Lady"! Yes, we have watched Moana a few dozen times, LOL!!