Sunday, November 12, 2017

It's Just Another Day in the Sand Hills

It's been pretty busy and hectic here in the Sand Hills of North Carolina, which is more normal for us this time of year than one might imagine, and the weather has been on crack. One day it's in the upper 80's and the next down in the low 40's. Today it's cold and raining and the high is only supposed to reach 52°. Yes, I am fully aware there are places colder than we are, and I've lived in places where it gets much colder. However, living in North Carolina, it really is a roller coaster when it comes to the weather. You never know from one day to the next whether there will be sun or rain. The forecast can even change from hour to hour, seriously!

Since the last post, Calliope had to have emergency surgery. It seems what I thought was her normal "heat cycle" turned out to be a nasty infection in her uterus called Pyometra. Her doctor said if I hadn't been so diligent and knew something was wrong, this infection could have killed her. At any rate, now that she's had the dental work and has been spayed and the mass on her abdomen has been removed (it was cancerous BTW, but Dr. Chavis says she's confident they removed all of it), she's beginning to come back to her normal feisty self. She's still not eating as much as I'd like, and she's not gaining back the weight she lost while so sick, but baby steps ... I'm thankful to the Gods I have a few more years with my precious furbaby.

Yesterday, I took what I am calling a mental health day. I stayed offline and unplugged for the most part. The only exception was a couple of text messages and then at the end of the day, I checked my email. This morning I feel so much better, more focused and alert, which leads me to believe this should become a regular happening in my world. Luckily, I don't work outside the house and I can decide when I need to take a break from the crazies without having to have someone sign off on it, LOL! Today, I'm back online, plugged back into the crazies and going about my normal day to day activities.

OH! One of the things I've been working on is re-opening Aoibheal's Attic. I thought I had outgrown that part of my dream. Over the past few years, I've changed from Aoibheal's Attic to The Feisty Witch and then to the current The Feisty FaerieWitch. Somewhere deep in my heart, the concept of Aoibheal's Attic just never went away. I had various issues getting the name on the EID transferred with the IRS, which never came about, so I just decided to keep the original concept, open the Etsy store again and separate the blogging from the commerce part of me. My plan is to use the blog for personal updates and sharing the things I have learned as I walk my path with my Deities, and then share the things I create in the Etsy shop. There is also a Facebook page for Aoibheal's Attic where I will be posting pictures of the things I've listed on Etsy with a "shop now" button for your convenience.

That's all for this time, over the next couple of days I'm hoping to add a direct link from here to the Etsy shop and to the Facebook page. If you are so inclined, stop on by and see what's happening?