Sunday, November 12, 2017

It Seems Like Forever...

... since I've taken the time to sit down and actually write a post, instead of going through the archives and reposting something just so I can say I'm still blogging. Truth is, Autumn is the busiest time of the year for us. Here in NC, the fall is full of festivals and vendor events, the temperatures are almost perfect to spend more time out of doors with family & friends, and I'd rather be doing something positive with the time the Gods have granted me than sitting on my ass in front of the computer reading about all the negative nasty things going on in the world. That doesn't mean I'm hiding my head in the sand, nor does it mean I'm uninformed or unengaged, it means I'm cherishing each and every moment I have to spend with my family, while at the same time networking to help make the changes I want to see come to pass.

The first of the month has come and gone and the habitual culling of the chaff has been completed. I've removed a few people from my life who, no matter how much I tried to understand their point of view on life, I just couldn't begin to wrap my head around what in MY opinion was nothing more than the unwillingness to open their eyes, learn a different perspective and perhaps see there IS more to life outside the box they've hidden themselves in. I wish these people no ill and I honestly hope they can somehow find joy and light in the darkness of this crazy world we all live in.

I've also been working with my Totems and will eventually have a page here on the blog that talks a little about the Nine Totems, how each of them influence our lives and what my totems are. I've been asked numerous times by various people to put something together in a centralized location that will give a better understanding of how our Totems guide us on our daily walk. And I'm hoping to have the page complete in a few more days. I think the most enjoyable thing about learning about our Totems (to me) is that each one has a different reason to be in our lives and a different lesson to teach each of us.

Going hand in hand with working with my Totems, we have a large group (a murder?) of crows (my Totem for South) living in the trees bordering our yard. Every time I go outside I hear them calling and I find myself stopping whatever it is I'm doing to just listen to them speak, I love how they call to each other. The other morning I was outside with Calliope (before she had to stay in the hospital), I heard the crows calling and called out a Good Morning to them, their calls got louder! It was such an awesome feeling! When we moved into this house in March, I was worried the crows wouldn't be able to find us, but I'm happy to say it took no time at all for them to establish themselves in our trees and set up their nests. There is also a family or two of Blue Jays living in the trees, this makes me as happy as knowing the crows are nearby! Blue Jays are my Totem for East and are always present as I walk my walk facing the challenges I encounter in my Spirituality.

A few weeks ago our roof was replaced. The old one was probably the original roof and had been patched in numerous places each time a shingle had blown off and it started leaking. We now have a beautiful burgundy metal roof and I gotta tell you the rain falling on the metal roof is more than soothing! It's raining ATM, and I could probably go wrap up in my blankets and not regret leaving the "chores" for another day, LOL!! All these little things are ginormous blessings in my eyes. And I am more than grateful for the Gods Blessings on my life...