Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mercury Retrograde December 3-22


In 13 days, Mercury goes retrograde once again, thankfully this is the final time for 2017. I am already feeling the effects this cycle is bringing, the two week shadow period before is usually the time I am able to center and prepare for the upheaval the actual retrograde brings. And since a few people I know of have made it clear that Mercury Rx is no excuse for abnormal behavior, I'm just going to say I am one of those people who feel the things this particular planet in retrograde rains down on us. If you don't feel the change, or if you cannot admit this has a factor in the way you act, well ... good for you.

I try to not be a Bitch, I also try to make sure I think ahead about the consequences of the things I do and say, sometimes I'm better at tempering my actions and reactions than others. I also try to not use the excuse of "well, it's Mercury Rx, so I can't be held responsible for my actions". I have a feeling this cycle might just test those limits I put on myself since this time we are in Sagittarius which is a major Fire sign and when Mercury goes retrograde in the house of Sagittarius, I find I need more patience because it brings unknown stumbling blocks and obstacles. I can handle things much better if I can remember to smile more. Thankfully, we don't have any travel plans during this cycle, and I'm going to be overly attentive to any misunderstandings that might surface.

According to Find Your Fate:

"For Aquarius people, the last Mercury retrograde phase of the year 2017 occurs on December 3rd, in their 11th house of Sagittarius. The 11th house rules over our friends, gains, and hopes in life. During the first week of December, there would be some dampness in your life as Saturn is in conjunction with the retrograde Mercury. You would suffer relationship issues, your ambitions might get stalled and there might be friendship rifts. You would be too picky to start quarrels with others around. Disappointing news might come from far off. However, things would soon find their respective places as Mercury comes out of its retrograde motion on the 22nd of December, well enough for you to celebrate Christmas in peace."

Wonderful ... even though we will still be in the ending shadow, things begin to calm down the day AFTER Yule, but in plenty of time for Christmas.

"When Mercury goes into the retrograde phase in the sign of Aquarius there would be much focus on independence and freedom than what is needed. Social orders would be put to great test. People would be found to be more adamant in their viewpoint which would cause serious frictions in relationships, both personal and professional. Intellectual conflicts arise. Those in the political scenario need to be careful with their moves. Nerve and muscle related disorders are said to be on the rise during this phase according to medical bulletins analyzed over a good period of time."

Yes, this final Mercury Retrograde of 2017 is going to be a challenge for me. I'll be over here in my little corner of the world, making sure I temper the things I say, be careful of the amount of control I demand and try not to just make a blanket fort and hide for the duration.




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