Thursday, November 16, 2017

The True Cost of Hexing


Mother Nature can be a cold heartless bitch. Nature is not all love and kindness, it's also destruction and anger and death.

The world is also not fair. Witches can and do tip the scales.

Do you think Mother Nature, Gaia, Goddess, care about jobs or money? She gives and takes with the seasons and the cycle of life - but mostly, it's the people who give and take. She is indifferent to this ridiculous concept of money and jobs and monogamy. Indifferent.

It's why assholes keep being assholes and still get those damn promotions.

If you ask, She will deliver EXACTLY what you ask. No more, no less. But you must ask. And you must ask correctly, carefully and concisely.

You attract what you vibrate. Just as your anger attracts anger, your abundance attracts abundance. But you can change your vibration, like flipping a switch with enough practice and control. As a Witch, you should constantly be practicing.

A well-versed Witch can cast a curse and experience zero fall out. Because a well-crafted spell will do exactly as it is asked - unless you asked it wrong.

A hex cast without proper planning, without full thought on how the chaos could possibly impact you (not karma, I'm talking proximity! don't curse someone you live with - you might both end up homeless! Don't curse a person to lose their job if you depend on their income, etc), caught up in the anger of the moment, can lead to unpredictable magic and unpredictable outcomes. That goes for any and all magic.

Hexes are as old as Witchcraft.

If a Witch is afraid of blowback from a hex or curse, it's because you're not practiced - and you're not practiced because everyone is telling you to always turn the other cheek.

And the core truth there is that does the seeds of fear and guilt. Fear and guilt will crush you.

So the true cost of a hex?

Your fear - and you become stuck in that vibration. Your spell works - but then you change your mind, the guilt crushes you, you become stuck in your vibration.

This is not karma or three-fold - this is simply being inexperienced. Or acting without thinking.

As long as you remember that "I am the in-between, I am the bridge between divinity, I have the power, and as I feel justified but whatever my morals (or lack) I'll put my finger on the scale to guide the Goddess to that justified balance".

So do not tell me curses come with a price.

'Go to hell' is the most basic and widespread simple curse you can get.

Curse words are literally the incantations to curse a person. The emotion is there, the secret hope is there, the specific words are you get blow back every time you mutter 'rot in a gutter' at someone's back?

I respect people have their own beliefs, but this idea of turning the other cheek and beating people to death with redes and rules is obscene. It's bleed over from organized religion and it needs to be questioned.

We have no bibles.

Question everything. People! Stop being afraid of the 'karmic boogeyman' based solely on 'I was told it's a rule' and not something deeper.

The foundation of karma has been twisted, as has the three-fold. I find it odd that so many Witches wait for karma. Normal people 'wait' for karma.

This Witch doesn't wait for karma.

This Witch IS karma.

Who else would deliver that divine justice but a Witch?

Magic is active, not passive.

But I respect those that have a different belief system. I'm just so tired of the mud sliding at hexing and cursing - that IS Witchcraft!

There is no light without the dark.

There is no loving Mother Earth without the destruction and death to balance.