Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Well Informed Witch


When I sat down to write this post I knew it was going to probably be one of the more controversial ones I've written in a while. Again, this is MY opinion. If you can't see my point and understand where I'm coming from, that's fine. I will NOT engage with anyone trying to school me on my opinion, nasty name-calling nor nasty comments. I will entertain civil conversation and I will also respect the opinions of those commenting. Even though I may or may not agree with them :)

This post has had so many different titles, it's become a source of laughter for me. I stuck with this one because it will hopefully be eye-catching and pique your interest ...

Since the middle of 2016 when I began voicing my political stance on the election and the various issues surrounding each candidate, their platform and the possible issues that might come up after the election, I've been repeatedly told to just shut up and sit down. That Witches (or celebrities and musicians) have no place in politics because we have no idea what we are talking about. I'm here to tell you differently.

Yes, we do have a voice and we do speak up and most of us do not care one bit whether you agree with us or not. How in the Seven Hells do you think things like the ability to state you are Wiccan on your military dog tags came into law? Because I can assure you it was a Witch working with the Pentagon that got that done.

Most Witches I know feel like we are at the mercy of the government and their refusal to acknowledge us and our right to not have them make life decisions for us. So, yes, I do have a horse in this rodeo. I don't want someone sitting in the oval to tell me I cannot practice my spirituality the way I want to, I sure don't want them telling me the only way I can *worship* my Deities is to follow the "standard set forth by the government".

Can you honestly see yourself being free to wear your pentacle or buy an Occult book at Barnes & Nobel if Ted Cruz had been elected? I can't, and in my opinion, he's probably one of the most dangerous politicians currently in office.

Now that #45 has been in office for more than 10 months, my political fears have not been reduced. IMO, he is doing nothing to reassure many of us who care about the environment, the relationships we HAD with other countries and the basic comforts here at home. I have lost count of the number of times I've been told to just shut up and accept that he's my president and there is nothing I can do about it, how he DOES care about the little guy and how he IS making America great again.

No, he's not. He is undoing everything any of the former Democrat (and even some of those put in place by #43, a Republican) presidents have done, especially those that were put into place by President Obama. He has no concept of diplomacy, he cares not for anything other than his popularity and how great his numbers are (they aren't, his numbers in the most recent poll put him at the lowest any president before him has ever seen), and he seems to only want to play golf and rage tweet in the early hours of the morning.

This morning I read an article telling us that China has approved Donald Trump-branded (trademarks) spas, escort services, hotel, and massage parlors without US Congress permission. For the love of the Gods, can anyone give me a clear and precise argument as to WHY is the sitting American president being associated with what many consider to be the porn industry? Not only is this questionable behavior for a sitting president (but what seems to be the norm for #45), it is also completely against the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution. But, for those who are faithful supporters of #45, we hear them calling out "Fake News" and telling the rest of us to sit down and shut up, he's your president, get over it.

He's NOT my president, he may be the president of the United States, and I am an American Citizen. He does NOT represent me or the things I hold close. I will not be leaving the country, I am staying right here in my little corner of the world in Hope Mills, North Carolina and I will continue to write letters, sign petitions and speak out against the travesty that is occupying the oval. I will continue to be a Well Informed Witch and I will not be silenced by those who refuse to see what is happening to my country.




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