Sunday, November 12, 2017


I can't believe October is almost over!! It's been so busy here and not one of us has had time to do more than a simple recharge before we are off onto the next phase of the adventure we call our life.

TBH, I could lie and say everything here is great, there are no problems and it's a grand time ... that is an untruth and that's not fair to anyone. So, to break things down I'mma start with this:

Last week Calliope had to have surgery to remove 16 of her little teeth. There was so much plaque built up on them and one had formed a nasty abscess that I actually thought was a bite of some sort before it exploded all over the place. Before we could schedule the procedure to clean and extract the unsalvagable teeth she was on heavy medication for her liver functions which were in the toilet, her red blood cell count was LOW and her white blood cell count was off the charts high. She wouldn't (couldn't) eat, she lost 15 ounces in one week! and to say I've been a nervous wreck would be an understatement. Today is day 5 post op and she's doing MUCH better, she's eating, is more active and coming back to being her usual crotchety self with the bigger dogs, LOL! She's still is underweight, but with the way she's eating now, I'm hoping it won't take long to regain those ounces she lost presurgery. AND! I wanna say THANKS SO VERY MUCH to those who lit candles and offered up thoughts and prayers for us while we were going through all this. Next up is having the mass (Dr. Chavis says it is probably benign) on her little tummy removed while at the same time having her spayed. Yes, I know she's 8 and I shoulda already had it done, I didn't and my only excuse is she was never exposed to male dogs at all.

There have been two deaths in our extended chosen family in just the past week. Keeping vigil for the transition into the Summerlands while at the same time supporting the surviving family members have kept me and many others quiet and off the interwebs. It is always difficult for me when someone crosses the veil, I never seem to have the right words to say to express my sorrow for the loss nor do I know what to say to the family. Saying I'm sorry for your loss seems to me to be so overused, trite and consequently of little import. I cannot even remember the number of times I've read those 5 words in differing comment threads this week. Yes, I know it is an accepted form of conveying condolences, it's just one of those stupid little things that bother me ... *sigh*

Finally, there is some major drama in Tanya's familial (their most inner circle of the 4 of them) life. Here's where I have to Vaguebook because while I want to get the basics out and have the positive return energy shared, this is NOT my story to tell. Just know, this is serious, it will affect the entire family, all of us in one way or another. I "can" tell you, Tanya nor no one else is dead or dying or severely physically ill, no surgeries and no medical hospital stays.

Oh yeah, and Friday is the 5th anniversary of my Momma's passing ... I AM an emotional wreck ...