Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Facebook and Blogs and Twitter, Oh MY!


Yeah, I'm gonna be doing some bitching in this one, so if you want to just stop reading now I'm OK with that. If you wanna know what is on my mind, keep reading, LOL!

Let's begin with Facebook. They have made some changes over there and now the "newsfeed" is supposed to show more posts from friends and family. This is a great idea if you only want to hear about Aunt Mary's clogged arteries or Jimmy Bob's failed relationship. I have tons of friends who have pages, pages to support their business or book or like me a blog. I want to be able to follow along with the antics of those pages and the people behind them. Yes, keeping up with family and friends is important, too! I don't know ...perhaps this is a way to wean myself off Facebook? Yeah, I don't think so either, LOL!

Next bitch about Facebook is some of the things I've been seeing from a few admins on the pages I follow. I'm not talking about the actual owners, it's the ones they have to "help" out because they can't do it all by themselves. These few people have become IMO, nothing but whiny brats looking for attention. Let me explain. One of these admins post something they know is going to be controversial to their followers, know it's going to generate some very opinionated responses, even perhaps some arguments and then when the thread gets out of control, they bitch because "people can't play nice". They shut down the comments on the thread, remove some of the comments already posted, block and ban the person or persons who left the comments and the very vocally whine because they had to do some actual monitoring of the thread. WTF?

I own 3 pages and am an admin on 3 more. I manage 2 of those pages all by myself with no help. On one of them I post controversial topics, sometimes it can get heated, other times the discussion is just that, people coming together to share their thoughts and feelings. I've never that I can remember, shut a conversation down and removed anyone because they stepped on toes. Yes, I have posted PSA's about the page belonging to me and it isn't wise for anyone to try and school me or shame me into changing either my mind or the content I post. And I sure as shit don't whine about things getting out of control. Pages are a ton of work, if you can't do the work, don't have the page. And for the love of the Gods if you must have "help", make sure you have adults that can hold a grown-up conversation and not get their panties all twisted when things backfire on them!

Blogs ... over the past few days I've gone through the blogs I follow and removed some that haven't posted in over a year or ones with subject matter no longer pertain to the path I'm walking. While checking out the ones that have been regularly posting and keeping them current to see if I want to keep them in my blogroll or remove them, I've come across a few that seem to write about the same subject matter each time they post.

How can you continually post about your ex and how bad your marriage was using almost the same exact wording, just rearranged, and expect anyone to continue to read about it? Why do you post about your illness that you've overcome and blame that illness for every shortcoming happening in your life and expect to keep people interested? And in the name of all that is holy, why do you insist on not taking responsibility for your actions?

The truth is, people like this IMO are miserable people, they have no life and they want everyone in the blog world to feel sorry for them. They thrive on chaos to a point, while at the same time screaming for peace. Out of more than 100 blogs I had followed at one time or another, I'm now down to 24. Yep, I culled that list to the bare bones and the ones that survived I have actual contact with the person behind the keyboard and we talk about things, life and what's going on in the world. No more clutter, no more "OH! Whatever am I gonna do with my life cause I just can't function" bullshit.

Finally, there are the things going on in the world of Twitter. It's insane over there! I follow quite a few people who can be considered influential, some are politicians, some are attorneys and other just regular people like me. With all the craziness coming out of the Oval, which in turn incites other people to act in ways they would never dream of in any other circumstance, it's a wonder there hasn't been more violence in the world.

Yes, I'm paying attention to the things going on with Mueller, and yes, I'm reading Fire & Fury, and yes, I'm watching and following Rachel Maddow. Yes, I'm in a political watch mode. No, I'm not going to hide my head in the sand and hope it all blows over soon. Especially after the bomb threat in Hawaii over the weekend.