Monday, January 8, 2018

Irritable, Irritated & Irate


The following is me ranting, whining or whatever you want to call it. Some days my posts are full of encouragement, and other times like this one are just angry and upset. Sometimes my posts give you hope and inspiration and other times I write just for myself to alleviate the stress, confusion and sometimes depression I'm dealing with. Today isn't a positive day, so feel free to not read any further, I'm OK with you not wanting to be sucked into my hole today.

easily irritated or annoyed

angered, provoked, or annoyed.

angry; enraged

These are my emotions today. More irritable and irritated than irate, but irate comes into play when dumbass people show how ignorant they truly are.

It's been cold here where I live, so cold that we have frostbite (frostbite possible within 30 minutes on unprotected skin) warnings the past 4 days. I live in the middle of North Carolina, how in the name of the seven hells is it that cold here? It's been so cold, we've had to keep our water running overnight in order to keep the pipes from freezing. It's been so cold here that we've had to turn our oven on in the mornings to help warm up the house. It's been so cold here our furnace has been running nonstop for a solid week. It's been so cold here, for the past 4 days I've lived in my bed under 3 heavy comforters and the electric heating pad, just to be able to make myself functional enough to walk from the bed to the kitchen for tea.

I am not made for cold weather. Seriously! I lived all my life in AZ until we moved to MD when I was 46, MD didn't seem this cold, neither did the 18 months we spent in MI. But here in NC where it's supposed to be warmer, I have seriously been colder than I can ever remember. Yes, I KNOW there are people who live in places that are much colder than we are here, and my hat is off to them for being able to survive the cold. I'm in awe of them, I bow down to them and I appreciate them more for having strong survival skills.

I've made a declaration that I will be better prepared for cold weather next winter, even if I have to leave the electric blanket, electric space heaters and warmer clothes and winter coat stored away because it doesn't get cold enough to use them, I'm going to make sure we all have what we need to be warm. I'm not freezing again!

I've also been seeing a few bloggers who are bitching about how much it costs them each year for their blog. Here's my 2 cents and I know it probably doesn't matter to anyone, I'm still going to write about it. When I began blogging back in 2008 I used Google's Blogger, it was free and filled every need I had as a newbie blogger. They made changes to their format and I tried to adapt, I kept blogging on that platform, even purchasing a domain through them for $10.00 a year (it's gone up to $12.00 now). But the support was non-existent. If you had a problem there was at that time no way to reach out to get help in any manner, not even by email. I moved over to a free WordPress account and still didn't find the platform I wanted. After months and more months of research and reading everything I could find about self-host, and with the help of a very good friend who is also a web designer, I made the leap into self-host through iPage.

I am still with iPage or maybe I should say I came back to iPage and here is where I'll stay. Even though I am using WordPress format, everything I do is handled through iPage.  I have great customer service and out of this world tech support. When I find I'm having an issue of any kind with the appearance of my blog or the ability to update any of the add-ins, I just chat in with a tech support guru and they make all things right in my blogging world again and it usually is instantaneous. I will admit there was one instance it took 24 hours, but they gave me a credit for the time my blog was unavailable. Yes, I pay for my blog. My blog gives me the ability to be creative in the design, it gives me an outlet for my emotions and ideas. No, I'm not making money from the things I post, perhaps one day I'll check into that, but for now, I'm happy with the things I have.

If you have a blog and want to own your domain, the only advice I will give you is to be sure of the name. Once you choose a name and pay for it, you are pretty much locked into that domain name. Unless you want to pay again for a new name and that cost can add up quickly! Especially if you change your domain name 4 or 5 times a year, LOL!! And please, research! Every self-host company has great introductory prices and packages, but after your first year is over, the costs for everything goes up, sometimes as much as doubling the initial investment. Along with the cost, check to make sure they have the functions you are looking for, some hosts give you a blogging platform with your domain and others only give you a web page designed for an online store. Check the ratings of the company! Read what other customers have to say about the service and quality of the support.

OK, I'm through complaining about things I can't control for today. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day and I can give you sunshine and rainbows, LOL!! How boring that would be coming from me!! Seriously, though. If you stayed around through this entire babbling mess, thank you!