Saturday, January 20, 2018

It's The Weekend & We Made It Through!

Whew! It's been crazy CRAZY here in the Sand Hills this past week. Jimmy left on Sunday to go to Shelbyville, TN for orientation at Big G Express where he's now back to driving OTR. Yes, this is going to take some time to adjust to again, but he did it for 5 years and we managed OK. This first week, he's turned those wheels over 1,600 miles and that's with just 2 loads! Not too bad for the first week, considering he didn't leave Lebanon until Wednesday morning!

Here at home, the weather has been wacky. It has been cold and we even got some snow! Not a bunch, just enough to make the schools close and the roads treacherous for those who had to be out on them. The Little Witch has only gone to school one day this week, Monday was MLK Day, so there was no school. Tuesday she went to school and we made a Fairy Princess cake when she got off the bus. Wednesday it was supposed to snow most of the day so school was canceled. It didn't begin snowing until late in the afternoon, early evening, so she didn't get to play in the snow on Wednesday. And boy was she disappointed! She has a brand new sled she got last year and hasn't been able to use it yet, LOL! Thursday there was no school because of icy road conditions. The sun was out and the temps warmed enough to begin the melting process, but it didn't really melt much of anything. In fact, it was so cold on Thursday night, the snow turned to ice, the road conditions didn't improve any and there was no school again on Friday! At this rate, they are going to end up not taking Spring break so they can make up the days they've missed for bad weather... *sigh.

We've had the crud making it's way around the house this week, too. Mylia has had it worse than any of us, Jimmy took it with him when he left on Sunday, and I came down with it deep in my chest on Wednesday. Each person has it different. Mylia has both nasal and chest distress, Jimmy's was like a normal cold, and mine went straight to my chest. I'm not coughing, just having difficulty breathing. On top of the cold/crud in my chest, I've spent most of Thursday night in the bathroom heaving the contents of my stomach. Thank the Gods we know enough about home remedies and self-care cause there is no way I'm gonna be trying to drive around town to the pharmacy to buy OTC meds.

Over the coming days, I'm hoping to continue working on the posts for the Nine Totems. When I came back to thefeistywitch(dot)com and imported the content from thefeistyfaeriewitch(dot)com, some of the material I had previously written got lost during transfer. I've gone back through the folders on the desktop and found most of what I had previously written, now it's just a matter of uploading the images and making sure the links for references are still valid. Currently, I've got the first 3 already posted and that leaves me with 6 more to go, LOL!

For those of you who also follow my personal Facebook page, you've probably noticed I'm once again in a political mode. I'll be working diligently between now and the midterms to find and share as many articles as I can in order to motivate some of you into getting out to vote. The turnout of voters for the midterms is usually pretty passe and this year we can't afford to be nonchalant. There is too much at stake and to sit idly by while the country crumbles around me is just not in my makeup. I'm going to be seriously hoping/praying/chanting/working for a change and I'm not going to be silent. If my posts bother you, please feel free to unfollow both the personal Facebook profile as well as here on the blog. It's not going to be all sunshine and lollipops until there's a change!

Welp, that's all for this time. I'll be back on Monday with something else to stir the Cauldron. Ya'll know I can't keep my mouth shut! Have a great weekend and be safe!