Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 2018


Most everyone I know wants to make changes in their personal life, and the beginning of the new calendar year is always the place to begin. Most make resolutions, but often fall off that wagon before the first week of the year has passed. Me? I don't make resolutions. Sometimes I make a list of goals, other times I make a list or two or ... of things I want to accomplish or wish to manifest before the end of the year. This year I have a wish list. And I've added it to my journal so I can have access to it every day.

Some of the things I want to do this year include:

Taking each day as it comes, celebrate all the moments in that day from planting my feet shakily on the floor in the morning, sipping a cup of coffee, to taking a hot lavender and Epsom salt relaxation bath before I go to bed.

Write more often, whether it's here on the blog or in my personal journal. For some reason, I have no problem writing each day or even multiple times a day in my personal journal, but when it comes to blogging, I often throw up roadblocks and second guess the things I share. I'm going to try to be better at writing here this year. I've also taken an older unused journal and transformed it into a bullet journal using templates I found online from different sources. This is my first attempt at using a BuJo so, I'm not sure how this idea is going to work out for me.

Create and craft more. Yes, I have the Etsy shop, no I haven't added anything since before Thanksgiving. The holidays wear me out and I neglected Aoibheal's Attic. I have some awesome ideas for things to add to the shop, I just need to feel well enough to sit at my crafting table to make some magic!

Try (yes, try) to keep my house cleaned and uncluttered. I'm not always successful with this one, so adding this to my list may give me the nudge I need to stay on top of things. Yes, I am OCD, yes, I DO micromanage every aspect of how my home looks on any given day. Yes, I am learning to lighten up and not be so twitchy when I see something not in the place I put it, LOL!

Get outside more. I live in one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and even though I do complain a lot about the temperatures, I would rather be here in the summer than in the desert where I grew up and lived most of my life. Yes, we have humidity, and yes we have air conditioning, and yes we have our own pool and we live less than 2 hours from the ocean, there is no reason for me to not be outside!

Read!! I have a Kindle that has more than 200 books and I have a pretty good size library of regular physical books. One of the pages in my BuJo is a library shelf with untitled books, which permits me to write in the names of the books on my list of Books to Read throughout the year. I've begun adding some titles and coloring the page, I'm excited to see how many I can finish. Yes, there is also the Goodreads book challenge, I may enter that one too. (Edit: I just added 54 books to my Want to Read Shelf on Goodreads and will be participating in the 2018 Reading Challenge. I'm planning to read 100 books this year, LOL)

Last year I half-heartedly participated in a Pen Pal exchange and enjoyed writing letters or cards and getting them in return. I'd like to do something like this again. The personal messages between the friends in the group were all written from the heart and I think that is a lost art that should be revived and not taken for granted. Along with writing personal notes, I need to get better at keeping in contact via the phone. I HATE talking on the phone and would rather text or use Facebook messenger. I need to change this...

What do you want to accomplish or change in 2018? Have you laid out a plan to begin those changes? Feel free to comment here on the blog and let's exchange some ideas!