Friday, January 12, 2018

Matrons? Patrons?


In my personal working with Deity, I have no particular Goddess or God that is exclusive to what I am hoping to accomplish. This is to say that depending on what the outcome I am seeking for the particular working depends on which Deity I call on. For more than a couple years I have found my comfort level to be higher when working with those of the Dark Goddess/Gods category and find the workings I do have a quicker and longer lasting manifestation than when I call upon those Deities who work better in the light.

For the longest time, I was afraid of my dark side, afraid of the unknown. I wasn't sure what being accepting of your dark side really meant until I had a deep and longer lasting trip through some inner soul searching while I was looking for answers to my self-imposed spirituality block. I had hit a brick wall, couldn't find my way out of a wet paper bag and found I MUST accept every aspect of me before I would be able to move on. Up until this time, I would call upon Brighid or Dianna or even Cerridwen when I wanted or felt I needed something. And I was always trying to keep to the Harm None rule or do nothing for self-gratification or gain.

About this time I developed an obsession for everything Lilith and Persephone. I had never worked with either of these Goddesses, but on more than one occasion they each presented themselves to me as my guide for the magic I was working. Once I became comfortable with the initial experience, I was able to open my mind and heart completely and welcome the lessons I was learning. After Lilith and Persephone came Hecate, Hathor, and Ariadne. Each of these Goddesses came to me for a specific lesson, but have stayed within my circle letting me know they are always there watching out for me.

Thankfully I have stopped fighting the darkness and have found the way of many of those who claim Wicca for their spirituality does not resonate with me. Please understand, I am in NO way mocking or ridiculing their belief or their personal spirituality, it just does not work for me. I call myself Witch and do not fit under the umbrella of the Wiccan Rede nor do I believe in the karmic retribution so many people are quick to call out when they see something happening to someone who may have stepped on their toes.

Do I work with a particular Matron or Patron? Not really. I feel the call of more than one, I've been tapped on the shoulder and smacked up side the head on more than one instance when I wasn't paying attention to the whisperings coming my way. I honor the Dark Goddess in whichever form she manifests to me. I call on the one who will come to me in the time of need and help the spell as it needs to be made known. And I have learned to be still and listen for their voice as they call to me and watch for the signs they send to me. I still have Persephone, Lilith, and Hecate as my guiding forces, and within the last six months, I've also been called by The Morrighan. To say that I'm a child/daughter/priestess of any of these amazingly powerful forces would be a great honor. However, I like to believe they are all my Matron and they each are helping me to become the person they want me to be.