Monday, January 1, 2018

Things I Know


Here it is the first day of a new year and all over social media I'm seeing so much complaining, you'd think it's just an extension of the year we just got finished with. Yes, there are the standard memes going around about how 2018 is going to be a banner year for everyone, and among all of those sappy here's to a better year, I'm seeing the same excuses why nothing is going to change.

Let me tell you this ... YOU are the change in your world. YOU can't sit on your ass and complain about how bad things are going and then expect some miraculous change to take place in your life. If you aren't happy with the way things are going change your direction. Stop whining about how things are never going to get better and do something to make those things different.

Look, I get ya. I'm also just a guilty as the next person at hiding under a rock and not wanting to exert myself because I just *know* no matter what I do, nothing is going to change. BUT! It does!! Once I can get myself out of the funk I've allowed to take over my life, I CAN make things different in my surroundings ... at least the immediate ones. I am the eternal optimist. I always look for the best outcome, the positive ending and do everything I can to make that change manifest in my life.

I'm overweight, I struggle ALL THE DAMN TIME with my weight. I HATE to exercise and refuse to join a gym, in my limited experience, the gym is just too horrendous for me to make the effort, it's a source of great embarrassment to me and something I do not ever intend to subject myself to ever again. So, how do I get the exercise I need? Honestly, I don't. I'm so out of shape that even walking to the bus stop each afternoon to get the Little Witch after school leaves me out of breath and aching. But I walk up there every damn day and sometimes twice a day if there is an important piece of mail being delivered that day. We live in the county and can almost be considered rural. Our mailbox is on a main road that is heavily traveled by both vehicle and foot traffic, and if for some reason the mail carrier doesn't close the box completely, the temptation to take a package out of it is just too overwhelming for some people. I still can't understand what use some random person would have for a proprietary charging cable. Not a universal USB, but one specifically for the piece of equipment it was designed for, but it has happened.

I've also made a pact with myself to not complain, I do not like people who complain about every aspect of their lives and those they deal with daily. When I DO complain, it's usually about how bad I'm feeling, which takes an act of congress to get out of me. I hide that shit well (except for Jimmy, he ALWAYS knows when I'm not OK and I'm trying to hide it from him) and almost always say I'm OK when asked. I don't want to be known as one of those people who must have worse ailments than the person I'm talking to, nor do I want to be the person whose financial situation or relationship is worse. We've ALL got problems, there is no reason to try and one-up the other person!!

And for the love of Pete, if you only talk about negative things, that is all you will find in your world. I've been told that being negative is the reality, sure it is, but why do you want to live like that? Why must your entire universe revolve around only the bad things you know are going to happen? Why can't you look for positive things too? Words are powerful, if you only speak negative, that's all you are going to find. If you tell me you want to make a change in your life, but continue on the same road you've been traveling, how do you expect to have that change take place? Reach out! Ask for help! Don't give up, and don't you for one more minute believe you can't do this or you don't deserve this.