Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I'm Still Here

Yes, I am still here and even though I haven't written anything in over a month, I am still alive and well. Like many people I too have personal issues I deal with on a daily basis and often times those things keep me from writing here on the blog. Luckily, the things I'm going through aren't negative or depressing. Well, except for the latest school shooting and all the fallout from the idiots over that. AND today I found out our Little Witch will have a Code Red lockdown drill on Thursday.

I remember going to school and not having to worry about being in danger or afraid of someone coming into my school with a gun and shooting up the place. Now, it seems it is commonplace for every student in every school to have the added worry of their safety instead of focusing on the things they are supposed to be learning. The Little Witch is petrified! She brought home the notice yesterday and after her mom discussed the drill with her, she didn't sleep well last night and will be anxious and fearful until after the drill is over. She also doesn't like the fire drills they regularly have but has gotten to the point she doesn't cry when they happen.

So, here I am staying mostly offline and doing things around my house that not only make me happy, contribute to the serenity of the home, but also bring me peace during the outside turbulence. No, I'm not hiding under a rock. I am fully aware and informed of what is happening not only in the world around me but also in our little town of Hope Mills, NC., across the country and around the world.

A few weeks ago a friend introduced me to Traveler's Notebooks and Planners. Like I wrote previously, I've repurposed a couple planners I had bought what seems like forever ago, AND this same friend generously gifted me with a beautiful leather Traveler's Notebook that part of me is hesitant to use, simply because it is SO beautiful and I'm afraid I'll mess it up, LOL! I've been constructing my own version of a Traveler's Notebook and the inserts used in them and leaving that gorgeous purple leather in its place of honor on my craft table ... at least for now.

I've also found my way into the "rabbit hole" of "The Happy Planner" by Create 365. Yes, I have easily become obsessed with all things that can be related to their Happy Memory Keeping series, which in my mind is the new and improved way to scrapbook. I've been researching, digging, reading, watching YouTube videos on how to do this or that or any possible question that might come up. And I've pretty much decided that when the new planners from Create 365 are released next month I will become the very proud owner of one of the ones in the Big Happy Planner series. Well ... at least I'm going to go check them out once they hit the stores. I need to actually touch and feel things before I buy them.

Yes, I'm still here, alive and happy and enjoying the time I've spent away from social media and most things related to the stupidity that is running rampant. I'll be over here playing with my paper crafting, spending time outside with my plants that are coming back after the cold weather and loving my life. If you want to reach me, most of you already know how to do that :)