Friday, April 6, 2018

CBD Oil and How it Has Helped Me

Just about a year ago I began really searching for a way to help control the pain and depression I deal with on a daily basis that wasn't in pill form or prescribed by a doctor. I had gotten tired of feeling numb or foggy all day, this had an adverse effect on my quality of life. Taking something that made me feel like I was in a cloud and had me feeling like I wanted to stay in my bed 24/7 had gotten old and made the depression deeper.

I knew I couldn't use the actual cannabis because the smoke hurts my lungs, burns my throat and caused me to cough until I cried. Besides, the good stuff is way too expensive, LOL! So, I started looking into CBD oil that could be used in various methods. At first, I thought I wanted to use it sublingually, but that stuff tastes nasty and IMO, defeats the purpose if you can't get past or work through the taste of something that is supposed to help you. Yes, I know most "medicines" are going to be nasty tasting if they work. I'm a wimp and can't even take Pepto cause I detest wintergreen flavor!

So, off to the interwebs I go and read everything I can find about CBD oil, NATURAL CBD oil, not the synthetic that causes so many problems and has actually made people here in our area sick enough to be hospitalized. Yes, sublingual CBD oil is hard to use cause it's thick and has an aftertaste that can linger no matter what you drink to wash it out with, LOL! Some brands do offer a flavored option, but the ones I tried didn't mask the nastiness enough for me.

My daughter has been trying for a while to quit smoking and has tried almost everything imaginable to help her, no cold turkey is NOT an option! So, her BFF (my daughter from another mother) who is the manager for one of the most popular vape stores in Tucson got her hooked up with vaping. Yes, I know there are articles that say vaping is just as bad as smoking and there are others that say it's much safer. When the BFF was here last year we went to a few of our local vape shops and she asked a SHITTON of questions trying to find out which ones actually knew their products and their business.

In the one she felt knew things the best, I began asking questions about the CBD oil they carry, and they have a wide variety of different brands and different flavors. Once I had asked all the questions I felt were pertinent for making my decision, I decided to try Koi Brand CBD oil for vaping. A starter kit vape purchased, the 250mg blue raspberry dragon fruit flavor is added and off I go. I'm good with the flavor, it's not overpowering, the vaping doesn't burn my throat, cause my lungs to rebel or make me cough til my head explodes and the effects of the CBD is better than I had hoped for.

There is no groggy feeling, there is nothing to make me feel drowsy or sleepy or give me the munchies like smoking the actual cannabis plant did. There are no adverse effects that would make me impaired to drive or operate heavy machinery, LOL! Using CBD oil (with NO THC) is it is legal in all 50 states and you don't need to have a medical marijuana card to buy it. The best part, at least for me, is that I have noticed a huge reduction in the anxiety and depression I was taking prescribed meds for, my pain level has been reduced to more than simply manageable AND my sleep habits have improved to where I do not need to take even an over the counter sleep aid most nights.

After using the flavored Koi for a few months, I found I could buy "juice" in a wide variety of flavors with no nicotine that I could add to the unflavored option Koi offers. Once that window opened I found OH SO MANY different combinations and just like going to pick an ice cream, the only thing that limits you is the store you choose to shop at, LOL! It also helps that my daughter from another mother sends us (remember I said my daughter is vaping too?) juices from Arizona and helps to keep us informed of what's new.

Here I am almost a year from the time I started and I'm feeling great, I'm so thankful I found CBD oil and began vaping. IMO this is the greatest thing to happen since sliced bread! Especially now, since I found my most favorite juice to add to the flavorless ... Lemon Twist E-Liquid Pink Punch Lemonade

That's all for this time!