Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Getting Old Sucks

Yeah, I said it.

I turned 62 this past February and I'm discovering there are things I used to be able to do that I can no longer do. These things also cause more discomfort and make me cranky in general.

Feeling invincible in my younger years, abusing my body both physically and nutritionally have caught up with me. Sooner than I thought it would and even sooner than I wanted.

I LOVE to craft and making things was my way of relieving stress while being productive at the same time. But, in the past few weeks, I've found my hands will no longer allow me to tie knots or wrap hoops for the dream shields I love to make. And I'm not about to take more than a couple Tylenol or Ibuprofen each day. Yes, the CBD oil helps ... I don't get complete pain relief, but it does make my world a good place to be in.

I can no longer sit at my table and string beads for bracelets. Not only do my hands hurt, I can no longer sit for an extended period of time. I tried taking breaks every 30 minutes or so. I'd walk around, refill my water, take Calliope outside and then try again. That doesn't work either.

I will admit being overweight could have probably has something to do with my problems. That issue I am working on. So far I've lost 6 pounds since we had our health scan the end of April. The food I eat has changed, less fast food, NO soda and I'm drinking more water than I can remember. No, I'm not "exercising" as much as I probably should. I am walking, taking more steps each day and trying to change my sleep pattern too.

Our pool is up and full, but I can't get the water as clean as it should be. I've been outside in the pool the past few days skimming the debris and adding chemicals to the water. I'm still not satisfied with what I see. Or can't see ... the bottom of the pool. The discussion now is that we are probably going to need to drain it and begin all over again from the beginning. That sucks cause the temperature is perfect for me to be in the water, LOL!

I've begun working on clearing the supplies for crafts I'm no longer doing. The supplies for the dream shields have gone to Tanya. Ribbons, yarn, feathers, embroidery hoops, tapestry thread, even some of the crocheted doilies as well.

The fabric and patterns have all been packed away. The sewing box is still sitting on top of the tall bookcase. It will stay there for now.

Packing up the beading supplies was the most difficult. I loved being able to lose myself in creating with my beads.

I'm limiting my crafting to soap making and journals/planners. So the supplies for those two activities are now front and center instead of lurking in the back of one or two of the shelves. As of now, neither activity causes excess or unmanagable cramping in my hands. And I've figured out this Crone loves to play with stickers, LOL! I'm hoping I can continue along this path for a long time.

All of these changes mean there won't be any more handmade gifts for Birthdays or Yule/Christmas. And any baking or candy making will have to be done by Tanya. I found I can't stand in the kitchen to make dozens of cookies and multiple pans of fudge either. Cooking dinner every night is a challenge at times.

Yes, getting old sucks ... big time!