Thursday, July 26, 2018

Changes Can Be Great!

No, I'm not making any changes, I just went through and cleaned out a bunch of bookmarks on the computer where I found some sites I had saved once upon a time for one reason or another.

Way back in 2006 when I began blogging I saved a ton of different sites that I felt at the time would come in handy for designing the blog. I also felt differing sites with tutorials would help to educate me since I absolutely had no idea what I was doing when I began writing.

See, writing has always been a way to help me with depression. A very close friend had suggested I write a blog and at that time I honestly had no idea what a blog even was, LOL! But with lots of love, many mistakes and trial and error, I did become more comfortable not only writing what I thought was going to be a private journal but also began publicly posting or publishing some of the things that went on in my life. 

The very first blog I had was called Aoibheal's Lair, and I kept that name for 7 years, I even transferred that blog to self-host when I went to iPage. I wrote about everything from my personal life experiences, to rants about things I knew I had no control over, but would give me peace once they were written. I've still got the log-in ability for Aoibheal's Lair and every so often I go back and read some of the things I find there. 

In 2013, I was given the name Feisty Witch by a very dear sister whom I know not only online, but in real face to face life too. Kelly tagged me with that moniker and it stuck. I retired Aoibheal's Lair and went public with The Feisty Witch. Somewhere along the way in 2016 I decided to add Faerie to the name and created The Feisty FaerieWitch as a way to incorporate my journey in the Faerie Faith. But like all things, the Gods decided FaerieWitch was not in my future. Then mid-year 2017 I once again began using The Feisty Witch for everything I do.

Yes, I will admit at times I did create additional blogs, one was for political postings that I had been made to feel shouldn't be included in my main blog. One was because I wanted to share the things I learned as I walked the path of learning about the Faerie Faith. Each time I strayed from the main blog (even though I continued writing in The Feisty Witch) into new waters, I didn't get very far before I closed them down and came back "home". 

I currently have only 2 blogs, Aoibheal's Lair which is still active but set to invited readers only so no one can find it or read it except for me, and this one The Feisty Witch. I've deleted The Feisty FaerieWitch, Journey to Faerie and the political blog. I'm only writing here and have no desire to branch out again. That means this one might be boring at times and other times it's gonna be full of piss and vinegar. 

I have no reason or desire to completely change my blogs name each time I change my underwear, I've been able to take the time I needed to listen to the calling of my Gods and if I do something out of step with their plans for me, they make sure to let me know about it. Yes, The Feisty Witch is home and here I will stay. You are invited to continue along with me on this journey of my life, I enjoy the company, LOL!