Sunday, July 22, 2018

I'm Ranting, Cause I Can

This post is going to be full of political content. If you believe a Witch has no business involved in politics, just don't go any farther. If you DO read until the end, make sure you think very carefully if you choose to leave a comment. I will not tolerate anyone trying to police the things I write about.

The comment below was found in a nested thread on one of the political sites I follow on Facebook soon after it was confirmed that 45 HAD in fact known about the Russian involvement in the 2016 elections.

 "I will not argue politics with anyone!! That being said, I will not stand for anyone posting stupid shit about my president!! I voted for President Donald Trump and I am proud to call him my president!! I am proud of what he has done in the last 2 years!! If you don't like it too damned bad!!"

Yes, I was foolish enough to click on her name and check out her profile, she is a white middle aged woman living somewhere west of the Mississippi. She's been very vocal about "illegal" (undocumented) immigrants and how they all should be locked up. She also fits the stereotypical characteristics of an uninformed, ill-educated, suppressed by her husband wannabe warrior.

So, you might ask, why does it matter to you, Vickie what this woman does or says? The answer is simple. This woman (among SO many more) is the reason we are in the situation we are in with this administration. Were you aware that 53 percent of white women voted for 45? It didn't matter to them that he had proven time and time again how he had little to no regard for women, how he cried "grab em by the pussy" and there were multiple verified accusations of sexual harassment. They still voted for him.

These women voted against their best interest because they chose to hide their heads in the sand, followed their ignorance instead of thinking about the future and the impact this administration would have on future generations. These women have been very vocal about how they aren't fighting for things that have already happened because there is no reason to. Things like equal pay (women in the US STILL do not make the same pay as their male counterpart) don't matter to them, neither does health care or the environment.

Most of the ones I've come across feel they don't need to be active because their ancestors have already done the work for them OR they were "too good" to get involved. Back in January, I wrote a post I called It's Not About Abortion where I talked about those who feel they are "better" than those of us who speak out and march against the things that are at danger of being taken away from us. Remember the Women's March? And the pink pussy hats? Do you remember exactly what the marches were for? I do, and I was criticized for standing with these powerful women. I was told I had no business getting involved in anything simply because I am Witch.

Yes, I am many things. I am a woman, I am a wife, mother, and Abi. I am a liberal Democrat. I am Witch. And while all of these things make up the "me", I am first and foremost Witch, that is my life, my path, my existence. I don't see anyone bitching about those who follow any other spiritual path being involved in politics. Luckily, we as Witches are, IMO, more aware of what is going on in the world around us and have a deeper understanding of what impacts not only our portion of the world but the rest of the world and what the actions of the current generation will leave for the future.

The person who I've quoted also claims to be a Witch. And here is where I have the most difficult time understanding. As Witches, we are charged with caring for the environment, making sure that we take care of Mother Earth, and most of us are open and caring for others. However, I have found there are more than a fair share of those claiming Witch or Wicca who are just as closeminded as those who follow any type of organized religion. To me, that is a contradiction to any of the teachings I've ever known.

How do those calling themselves conservative Republican Witches live with what is happening to our planet? This administration has removed most if not all of the safeguard regulations set in place by previous administrations. The EPA has rolled back the protections regarding coal ash disposal, this means the regulations that had limited coal ash being dumped in the waterways are no longer in place. The industries that burn coal for power have no limits to the amount of or how they dispose of this pollutant. Most of the plants are on a waterway that eventually empties into the lakes, rivers, and streams which in turn end up in the aquifers where we get our drinking water. DRINKING WATER THAT IS CONTAMINATED.

Power in Puerto Rico has STILL not been fully restored. They are part of the United States, but because most of the population doesn't have lily white skin, they have been considered to be unimportant. So, no help has been offered and many have turned a blind eye. Flint Michigan still has contaminated water that is causing health issues for so many people, the majority of them are children. And across the country, there have been numerous oil spills from the pipeline that so many people have chosen to believe will be good for the economy. OK, but what about all that oil seeping into the ground and contaminating the aquifers?

As far as the things 45 has done in the past 2 years, if you are satisfied that we still need to worry about North Korea not only having but reinforcing their nuclear weapons, or can live with the hate and nastiness he's unleashed, or the fact that the stock market drops every day, or that he has blatantly lied each time he opens his fucking mouth, or that he has alienated our most powerful allies which mean IF for some reason we go to war, we will be standing on our own and will not survive, or that he is literally being controlled by Russia, then I guess you do have something to be proud of.

Me? I'm ashamed of what this country has become. And I'm doing everything I can to make changes. Even it means I throw up every time I see his image or hear something new he's said. I write letters, I make phone calls, I won't give up. This man is evil! And has no regard for anything other than himself. Yes, I DESPISE him!

Yes, I'm bitching. I'm tired of people only thinking about themselves. I'm tired of the ME factor, the one where they only want to be part of something if there is a benefit to them personally. I'm tired of everyone seeking the all mighty dollar and fucking over their neighbor just to get that extra twenty-five cents.

And mostly, I'm tired of those who claim to be a Witch being a selfish self-serving cunt, who has no respect for anything that doesn't give them gratification.