Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Social Media Can Be Exhausting!

Have you ever taken the time to really check to see how many social media sites you belong to? And once you do have a running count, do you maintain them on a regular basis? Do you post something each day, or each week or just completely forget about many of them?

Over on the sidebar, >>>> I have icons with links to the sites I'm most active on and try as I might, I can never keep up on the posting to them. I'm mostly active on Facebook and Twitter. When I had the blog self-hosted using the WordPress platform, I was able to automatically link and share posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. That type of option is not available here on Blogger. It used to be until Networked blogs became Symphony. I'm not paying such a ridiculous amount each month to sync my posts! So if I want to share something to one of those sites, I have to manually copy and paste the link to them when I post the current blog entry.

Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin, AboutMe, GoodReads, and Google+ are mostly forgotten about. And when I DO remember Pinterest or Instagram, I seem to make a ton of posts all at one time. I do not ever use AboutMe for anything, LinkdIn was set up when I was working in order to network, and Google+ is there only because at one time it was supposed to be the better alternative to Facebook.

I also have profiles on Insane Journal, CafeMom, Blogaholic, MySpace, Ello, Tsu and Gods only know how many more I've forgotten about.

Wikipedia has a list of Social Media sites and most of them I've never heard of! That list is crazy long, too!

The point to this rambling nonsense I'm writing is how in the actual fuck did MySpace and Twitter evolve into this mess? And how does anyone maintain more than a few sites without going crazy?

I'm going to go through my bookmarks folder and see if I can remember the sign in for whichever sites I find and remove my account here. I'm keeping (maybe) the ones that match the icons in the sidebar, but the rest are just going away.

I can't believe I ever thought having a profile on so many Social media sites would be a good thing.