Thursday, August 23, 2018

It's Been Brought to My Attention

that there is a rumor going around I'm asking for money to maintain my blog. That is NOT true.

Last year in 2017 I felt I needed to remove myself from the company I had chosen for self-hosting of the blog. At that time I was using iPage and just wasn't happy with their customer service, the technical errors I experienced on an almost daily basis and the feeling my account had somehow been compromised because of the excess of foreign language pages that popped up when you clicked on any link within the blog, or the amount they were charging to maintain my ability to blog. Their restrictions became more and more and it seemed to me I was pretty limited on the things I was able to do.

About that same time, a person who I let back into my life (knowing full well I shouldn't) offered to buy a years hosting on WordPress. I did NOT ask for this to happen, I was content to just play things as they were at the time using the free platform. After a few discussions (with the insistence they WANTED to do for me, not because I had asked, but because they felt it was the thing to do) none of which included anything saying this was a loan or they expected to be reimbursed, I relented, the $35.00 per year required by WordPress was sent to my PayPal account and was born.

I blogged under TFFW for less than 6 months. WordPress does not offer refunds, at all. During this same time frame, I made the harsh realization I couldn't be friends with this person and removed them from my life, permanently this time. I closed down TFFW on WordPress and went back to using The Feisty Witch domain on iPage. Fully aware I'd be facing the same challenges that made me feel I needed to move away from iPage but hadn't decided where to go or what to do ... yet.

Earlier this year, I moved the blog to blogger and transferred the domain for The Feisty Witch here as well. Google/Blogger charges $12.00 per year for them to host your domain and use their platform. That is a substantial savings from the amount it was costing at iPage and less than half of what WordPress wanted for a basic domain account.

This week, I've been getting random emails from someone who is "sharing" the complaints of the person who bought TFFW domain on WP last year. These emails come to my primary folder in my main email account, so whoever this person is, knows exactly how to contact me. They haven't used the email for the blog that is linked here. The return email address is on Yahoo with no personal information shared, so I don't know exactly who they are. I have my suspicions, but nothing conclusive.

Now, here's the point for this post.
  • NO, I am not asking for money to maintain my blog. I'm positive I can afford the $12.00 per year to blog on this platform. 
  • If you want to be reimbursed for the $35.00 you sent to me out of the "goodness of your heart", send me your PayPal info and I'll be happy to do so. Anything to get you to shut the fuck up and move on away from me with your snide comments and the poor pity me bullshit.