Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hurricane Florence

Yes, that time of the year has settled in quite well. Hurricane season is off with a bang! I've been trying to keep track of all the happenings, but now the next one is coming straight for us here in North Carolina. In fact, all the modules have Florence tracking straight for the Hope Mills-Fayetteville area.

I posted the following on my Facebook profile on Monday afternoon, but I don't know how many of you who are faithful readers of The Feisty Witch also check in on me on Facebook, so it's going here too ...

Here in the Sand Hills of NC, we are under a hurricane warning for Florence to visit with us on Thursday. From all reports, it's possible she will stall once she makes landfall. Governor Cooper has already called for the State of Emergency.

Most likely we will lose power, but our house sits high enough we "shouldn't" have to worry about flooding inside. We have bottled water and food that can be cooked on the side burner of the grill or just eaten out of the package. As soon as it starts raining here, I'll fill the big soaking tub in my bathroom with water so we can flush the toilet. We are on a private well and when the power goes, so does the water. We have 14 of those large 7-day candles, flashlights and a couple external power sources that will be charged in order to keep the cell phones working.

The gas tank on my car will be full and that's about all we can do. We dealt with hurricane Matthew a couple years ago and were without power for 5 days. The highway department has made repairs and reconstructed most of the bridges across the major roads that were impacted by Matthew.

My primary concern is the wind damage. There are TWO large trees in the front yard that could pose a problem. The roof is new, less than a year old, so I'm hoping it survives.

There will be flooding in the waterways and the one at the end of the major street we use for access to town and the highway is sure to overflow.

I'll check in from my phone as often as I can, but will save the battery as much as possible. I'll also check in from the desktop sometime Thursday morning as that is when we should begin to see the wind and rain.

Keep us in your thoughts and say a little prayer to the Gods that there isn't much damage from this one. Florence has been upgraded to a CAT 4 as of noon today. This one is gonna be a doozy!!

In the back of my mind, I hold the hope that this will peter out before it gets to us, but all reports say I'm whistling in the dark. We will get some major wind and rain from Florence. I hope I have prepared enough to get through an extended period of time without electricity and knowing that our major energy source has already sent out the call for reinforcements to join in the repair work is a tiny bit comforting. 

After living most of my life in Arizona where the norm was to have gas or propane appliances so you at least had a way to cook during a big weather event and then moving to an area where everything is electric, I STILL haven't found my comfort zone for any type of storm that has the risk of power outages. 

Oh yeah, did I mention that Jimmy is on the road and we have no idea if he will be able to get home? Yeah, that's a major concern too ...