Monday, December 31, 2018

Many Years Ago ...

... I became friendly with some fabulous people on MySpace. Those friendships transferred to Facebook when it became the thing to do. Most have fallen off the FB friends list for one reason or the other, some for political reasons, some because life changes and yet others because they left social media altogether. Ending 2018, there were two remaining.

Then, the other day, I got a message from one with screenshots from the other one. The things said in those screenshots were nasty, vile and even could be considered threatening. Somehow, I wasn't shocked at what I read but disgusted at the horrible things that one who calls herself Witch could say to someone she called sister, But there it was in black and white. From her profile, with the timestamp on it.

I've known for a time that these two had some issues. But, since I didn't have regular contact, I left it alone, hoping things would settle. Everyone has days or even months where their life feels like it's on a collision course with everything in the cosmos. During those times we either act out, lash out at those close to us or hide from the world.

Time goes by and there is a calm, then a crisis occurs and a child is harmed either physically or emotionally. Instead of offering support for the difficult decision the parent made to help the child, the nasty, hateful messages are flung far and wide. The child's mother is hurting and the words flung from someone who was supposed to be a friend cut even deeper.

Yes, I seem to have been drug into the drama that wasn't of my own making. I made my choice, I chose the side I stood on and I made the necessary measures to remove myself from further involvement. And I felt good about my choice, no second guessing, no regrets.

This morning I wake up to a message from the one I removed and blocked, using another profile, chastising me for taking the wong side and not hearing both sides to the story. Here's the thing: I didn't need to hear the other side of the story or to give them the benefit of the doubt. I SAW the words with my own eyes, in black & white, timestamped, from their profile.

Perhaps there are some who would say I should have taken the time to get both sides before I acted. And if it had been just the regular she said/she said without the screenshots I might have done just that. I drew my line in the sand, I made my choice and I'm not compromising on this.

My block list on Facebook keeps getting bigger ...