Friday, April 26, 2019

How to Be A Witch

No, I am NOT going to be telling anyone how to be a Witch, nor am I going to tell them how to not be a Witch. What I am going to do is give my experiences and ask you to be openminded when you read the following. Once you get to the end of this post, think and decide for YOU which is the best way to become a Witch. If you tell me it's because your ancestors were Witches so that makes you a hereditary Witch, I'mma gonna have to ask you to check yourself. That is your ego talking and even though it may be true, that your ancestors were Witches, that does not automatically mean you get to be a Witch as well.

There's a new Meme floating around over on Facebook:

Someone commented on it that it also includes watching Charmed or The Craft or Bewitched or Practical Magic or The Witches of Eastwick or any others. OK, I can see the point they are trying to make. But ask yourself this ... What triggered something down deep inside of you that made you want to begin searching for anything other than what you already know? 

As a child, I always knew I was different than many of the people around me. If I had a dream for 3 nights concurrent, that dream would always come true. As I grew older I hated those dreams. The last one I saw manifest was the one I had in high school where my boyfriend hung himself in his bathroom. The next time I had a dream for two nights in a row I'd make myself stay awake for the 3rd night, just to make sure nothing came to pass. And that still works to this day.

I've always been able to make things happen. One time after I reached adulthood and was dating, my boyfriend at the time wanted to take his stock car to the races. I wanted to go, he had taken me on many other occasions, there was something about this one that seemed shady to me and he refused to take me. I told him fine, but just remember if I'm not there with you, you won't even get your car started long enough to get it off the trailer. Guess what? That's exactly what happened. 

Did I know then I was Witch? No, I didn't. It took me more years to grow and open my mind before I could begin to accept what my world was.

How did I know? I've always been attracted to shows like Bewitched, Charmed, The Craft, Practical Magic and each time I watch one of these movies, something in me connects with whatever message the Universe is trying to get me to understand. Does watching any of these movies make me Witch? No, not the movies themselves, but the message within each one of them has the potential to make me search for answers. 

I watched Vampire Diaries and felt a connection to Bonnie the Witch, she had the power to get me to question things and seek the answers that I needed to find. The same with Freya on The Originals, she knew her power and her limitation, and she also made me think about things, sometimes too many things. Did watching those shows make me Witch? No, again, they stirred me to seek and search and the results helped to get where I am today.

Many people read a ton of books, studying every word ever written by various authors on the subject of Witchcraft. The first book I ever read was To Ride A Silver Broomstick. Yes, I KNOW there are more than enough people who have nothing good to say about this author. BUT! I LOVE her books, they are written in an easy manner that doesn't talk above your head and gives you the basic tools to begin the search into Witchcraft. Just so's ya's know, I have read every one of her books and LOVED them all. 

But I cannot stand Raymond Buckland. See? That's MY opinion and I'd never try to tell anyone to not like or read his Big Blue Book of Witchcraft. There are other others I don't like either, but that's my choice and I will never publically mock anyone or downplay their commitment to whatever choice they wish to make in their search to be a Witch. 

A few years ago I was asked to join an elite group of women to read the preview copy of Tale of the Lost Daughter by Karen Clark. This single book was the most powerful catalyst in my search for anything and everything about Hecate. This book is a work of fiction and let me tell you the backlash from the dyed in the wool followers of Hecate was ridiculous. I heard everything from "you can't find anything in a work of fiction" to "it would benefit you more to read non-fiction accounts". However, this is my journey and no one has the right or business telling me how to get to where I need to go. See that? I said NEED TO GO. And after reading Tale of the Lost Daughter I had the most amazing manifestation of Hecate in my life than I have ever experienced with any of the Goddesses who have chosen me. Yes, I said CHOSEN me. 

There are many ways to find your path and your Deity, movies and fictional books are just as relevant as those dusty tomes filled with facts and dates and everything I find boring and quickly lose interest with. So, I'll take the sparks and nudging that a movie or fictional book gives me, simply because that is the way my Goddesses have chosen to get my attention. And in the end, the only thing that matters is that I am listening to them as they continue to guide me on my path.

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