Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Am SO Blessed

Every morning when I wake up, even before I get out of my bed, I begin my day by giving thanks to my Deities for all the things they will send to me that day. I know there will be challenges as well as happy portions throughout my day. I accept that I can and willingly meet those moments no matter how they are presented. Some may be more difficult than others and for those battles I know I can turn to my support team.

My family ... I have the most amazing family!

My husband not only sacrifices being at home with us in order to work, but he also is my most ardent supporter. He's my rock and I know I wouldn't be the strong person I've become today without him in my life. He's always telling me to use my magic first in every situation. And when I listen to those words whatever is going on usually works out much faster and easier.

My children ... they each have so much going on in their lives but are always there to hold me up if I stumble or smack me down if I get too arrogant. My grandchildren bring me such joy even though some of them are miles away. OH! I'mma gonna be a GREAT-grandma in September! More on that in another post.

Here's the reason for this post today. I have an amazing small circle of friends and we are all connected via Facebook. Some of them I know face to face in the real world, the others have become such an important part of my life that not meeting them face to face is just one of those hurdles we are working on. No matter what any of us is going through in our personal lives, if one of us needs anything, the wagons are circled even before the call goes out to let them know one of us is down or hurting or in need.

I cannot begin to tell you how it makes me feel when one or the other of them know many times even before I do that I'mma gonna need them on any given day. Outta the blue one of them will message me and let me know they "feel" me even when I haven't quite admitted to myself there may be an issue I need help with.

Each morning, on my way to start the coffee I pause at my altar and relight the candles I have placed there for each of them (I have this phobia about letting anything burn overnight so they are extinguished before I go to bed). As I light the candle I say their name out loud and send blessings to them. If I know they are having a tough time, I send strength and power and LOVE! If I know they are in a good place in their life I send added positive thoughts to bolster them as they make their way.

These women are such a huge part of my life. They are the Sisters I never had. The seven of us combined are a force to be reckoned with and I pity anyone who comes against us!!

I LOVE YOU, Sisters of my Heart!