Friday, April 19, 2019

Let's Talk About Ego

The ego is the territory of the simple-minded selfish person. And magic cannot be reached when you are thinking of yourself. Magic requires those smarter than those who fall into the pit of me, me, me, me...

Those who consider themselves to be "generational" Witch or who have been practicing for an extended period of time often fall into the trap of ego. Wait!! What?? Yes, if you are constantly telling yourself how great you are and how perfect your life is, you truly do not believe you are capable of being strong enough. You have the need to feel special instead of just accepting your magic and your craft. Boasting about your connection is just one way ego is your weapon against others and a damning to yourself.

When you tell someone how to be a Witch or how to do their magic, your ego is talking. And you have broken the universal law of the Craft of "to each their own". What gives you the right to question anyone's ways of living or doing magic? Nothing. They must learn in their own way and time, no one else can make choices for anyone other than themselves.

Let them learn on their own. And you learn on your own. Stop being "right" and telling them they are "wrong". That's your ego talking, not your Spirit or Guides.

When you learn to let go and stand outside of your ego, you connect fully to your Witch. Those who stand in the universe, those who seem to not be aware of their power because they are fully in their power, the power that is undeniable because they are simply in their power connected to their Gods and Goddesses. That is real power.

Would you rather listen to the voices in your head, stand in your own ego or stand with your Deities Ancestors and Guides?