Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Do you have one? Or maybe more than one? I do and I can truthfully admit knowing what they are and what I do to keep them under control.

For the longest time I would freak out about how many people I had on my Facebook friends list, and when I saw that number decrease I combed through that friends list to find out who had left. Then I found an app that permitted me to follow along with my friends' list and when anyone left, it would notify me. Gods! I can't believe how I "obsessed" over how many friends I had on a social media site. These days, they come, they go and there are very few of those friends that would cause me any tiny bit of worry if they were to walk away without saying goodbye.

I also had a very short freak out over how many people followed this blog, I'd do so many different things to promote myself and the things I wrote about. Now? It just doesn't matter as much anymore. I write for me and if no one chooses to read what I write, that's OK.

I also went through a time when I was OBSESSED with anyone who paid a visit to my Facebook page or blog or Twitter or any of my other social media accounts. I was convinced I had all these fucking people stalking me to see what was going on in my life. Especially after the bruhaha almost 6 years ago when I was accused of being a saboteur. I even added a tracking device here on the blog just so I could find out where people visited from. This particular episode lasted just long enough for me to track a nasty anonymous comment left on a post I wrote about Alpha Females which caused me to write this post in response. Now? I don't care who follows or stalks or is convinced everyfuckingthing I write about is about them.

I do have other obsessions ...

Dark Chocolate ... I LOVE almost anything dark chocolate. But my current favorite is the dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup thins. And Russel Stover Maple cream Easter eggs. Even my coffee has undertones of dark chocolate! LOL!

Orange blossom honey in my tea ... When we lived in Arizona my favorite and always go to honey was unfiltered raw made from the blossoms of the Mesquite tree. Unfortunately, I can't get that in North Carolina, BUT with Jimmy driving the BAT all over hell and back I CAN get raw unfiltered Orange blossom honey whenever he goes to Florida.

An organized crafting space ... no matter what I'm working on I NEED a clutter-free workspace. I've got this huge desk that came out of an office and it is perfect for working with any craft I do. Currently, it houses my Silhouette machine, and 2 organizers that keep all the tools pens, and cutting implements handy. At the end of the day when I finish working on whichever project I drug out that morning, I make sure to take time to put everything away, even if I "plan" to come back to it the next day. With the way things go in my world, I never know what the next day brings, LOL!!

The health of my furbaby ... after everything I went through last year with Calliope I made a promise to myself and to Lily that I would take much better care of her. And I have ... poor baby had to have a blood transfusion and stay in the vet hospital for 2 days when she was just barely 8 weeks old. I can't begin to explain how important she is to me and keeping her healthy is probably the one item I won't stop obsessing over any time soon.

I guess my point in all this rambling nonsense is simple. Choose which things in life are important to you and let go of the rest. In the end, those obsessions can and usually do cause more damage than they give positivity. I'll keep the last 4 I listed, and I've let go of the first 3 ... they just don't matter anymore.